Google Presents an Online Page for India’s 15th General Election

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The Google India Elections Centre

voting_yellow.gifWith anything and everything available through Google, why should the information about India’s 15th general elections be left behind? Google has unveiled an online page for this a few weeks back.  As this election is one of the biggest events in India,  Google thinks that this webpage will be a great tool for the 700+ million eligible voters in India. This page is named as “Google India Elections Centre” and is available in native Hindi and English language.

What is in “Google India Elections Centre”?
This first glance at this election page will reveal a personalized map of India. This map is presented with a constituency search. The page also has some wealthy information about the Quotes from the world famous leaders and valuable election news from “Hindustan Times Election Special 2009”. The users of this Google India election centre can personalize this page by selecting their location. Google has really worked hard in collecting the population data of even the most remote places. Moreover, you can find the statistics such as Crime Against Women, violent Crime, infant Mortality Rate, Households with Electricity, Total Literacy Rate, Below Poverty Line and Work Participation Rate.

What can the users do in “Google India Elections Centre”?
As said in official Google spaces, people can:

  • Confirm their voter registration status
  • Discover their polling location
  • View their constituency on a map
  • Consume relevant election-related news, blogs, videos, and quotations
  • Evaluate the status of development in their constituency across a range of indicators
  • Learn about the background of their Member of Parliament and this year's candidate
Google promises to add more features to this page in the near future. With just countable days for the election, we are expecting many more useful tools from Google.

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