Top reasons to use Google+ for your business

There has been an ongoing debate in the business community about Google+, and its supposed claim to work wonders in terms of sales The Facebook fan page too, was similarly questioned a few years ago.  Questions about its functioning are worth, and largely unanswered.

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Google+ has more than 90 million users and is growing bigger continually. Google has bigger plans for plus than any other service it has ever launched.  Any business, especially online businesses that needs to sell goods online can use it as a powerful marketing tool.

By installing the Google+ badge to your business page you can directly connect with millions of potential audience across the globe and build a strong relationship. Needless to say, the badge annotate people to follow your business and regularly stay updated; be it breaking news, new product launch, promotions, getting feedback, etc. Interests of people have never been the same and circles make it easy to talk to them in a sensible manner. The good news here is that Google has planned to reward businesses who adopt this service. For instance, when ‘checkout’ was launched by Google, they offered free ad words and free merchant use.


As everyone knows Google’s greatest power is search rankings, to tempt different businesses and online retailers it included its Google+ in search algorithm to get higher search rankings. Whenever customers ‘+1’ your products, it naturally soars in search rankings It is pretty easy to focus on audience based upon demographic area and send targeted messages based upon one’s own interest. Followers can be sorted out into different groups and they can be easily focused.


Here below we will see few reasons why  Google+ magic button can help to soar up your business
Consumer appeal

Google’s magic +1 button is not limited as the Facebook’s like button; rather it has no limit within the social network and makes your business easily visible to anyone who searches on Google. This makes it easy to reach a wide range of audience who may be unaware about your products or services. Not to mention, Google pays more attention in understanding people and relationship than on just contents. Currently Google has incorporated Google+ profiles pages and posts in search results. Take it for granted, if you Google “Woodland shoes”, the search results would appear for along with the list of other photos and videos related to woodland which has been +1-ed by people who are within your Google+ circles.

That is, when you search for something on Google’s search engine if your friends in Google circle have +1 any pages related to it, then search results appear along with pages +1 by them.

Get better social search rankings

There must be an extra “S” added to SEO, this is because Google+ plays a vital role in Search Engine Optimization and it can be called as Social Search Engine Optimization. If you have a customized Google page, then your business products or service gets easily listed in top of search engine rankings which means you can spread your business across globe with little effort.

Google + power to up sell, cross sell or just sell

When someone hits the +1 button, it is followed by two acts. The audience either purchases products or +1’s the page and goes on with regular surfing. In either of the cases the business gets benefited. Purchasing the product is a direct action while hitting +1 is sharing about the products to friends in circle. Recently many companies have planned to offer incentives to customers who +1 their page, they offer discount on the product to be purchased or provide free shipping in the next purchase. It is an easy way to make your business to reach across millions of potential customers across the globe.

The bottom line - - every online business is looking for different way to increase their visibility. If Google+ is an amazing platform to make your business to reach the sky; why not accept it

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