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Google recently launched a mighty new type of campaign in AdWords known as the “Call-Only Campaign” which is exclusively designed to show on mobile devices that can make calls. This new option in Google AdWords will work well for those businesses that are looking for call conversions rather than website clicks and is sure to pique the interests of many smartphone users. With smart devices in hand, customers are increasingly looking for products and services while on the go to save time. In this context, a call extension that can directly connect customers to the advertisers via phone call is believed to bring in more conversions.


How it works?

The Call-Only Campaign Ads will look exactly like the typical Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads but displays phone number in the headline and Call button. The only Call-to-action provided in such Ads will be phone calls, prompting the users to make calls rather than visiting the website.


In conventional PPC Ads, the users are redirected to website’s landing pages and there is a high risk of visitors getting distracted and leaving without making any conversion, no matter how good your landing page is. This resulted in huge wastage of clicks as well as fraud clicks but in the case of Call-only Campaigns, the users are not redirected to the advertiser’s website and phone calls are made, instead. Well. That’s good news for all the webmasters who don’t have a well optimized or mobile responsive website, right?

Key benefits of Call-Only Campaign:

  • Works well for businesses that are exclusively looking for Call Conversions.
  • Easy for the smart phones users to call the advertisers on the go.
  • The Call-Only Ads can be displayed only when you are available to answer calls.
  • Call-Only Extensions will increase the CTR (Click through Rates) by 6-8%.
  • Less chance of click wastage and thus making sure that you get maximum conversion.
  • No investment required for landing page CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).

Earlier, Google used Call Extension features in its Ads, which let the users call the advertiser’s phone number by clicking on the Call button. This way a user can make a call, as well as visiting the website. The downside of this feature is that most of the times advertisers had to pay for both calls and clicks. The cost for Call-Only Campaign is similar to that of the standard CPC (Cost per Click) for a particular keyword.

This new ad type from Google shall be a great fit for the service industry as well as industries like technology, BFSI, etc., The others can use the Call extension feature for more call conversions, but not for so long as Google itself is planning to ditch that feature this June. In the meantime, Google will be trying to lure more customers into their new Call-Only Campaigns. So get ready and harness this new type of campaign for maximum conversions to take your business to glory.


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