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Google offers guidance for the new featured snippets update which came into effect on 22 January to enhance the user experience.  so that if you appear in the featured snippet box, then you will no longer rank organically in the standard listings. This new update will not affect the video featured snippets, top stories, interesting find and no change in Google Search Console performance report.

January 2020 Featured Snippet Update

What are Featured Snippets?

A featured snippet is an algorithmically determined search result that features in a box of Google on page 1, above the standard organic search results. If paid ads appear for the particular search, then it will appear beneath the ads. The same was generated by Google designed to answer the user’s query concisely in a variety of formats including paragraphs, lists images, and more. Featured snippets are also referred as a “position 0” since it rank above normal search results.

January 2020 Featured Snippet Update & its impact

Google’s January 2020 Featured snippet update has deduplication, which is the process of removing duplicate URLs. As per this update Google will no longer show duplicate URLs for pages promoted to the featured snippets. Previously the search results would show a featured snippet followed by 10 organic results, it now shows a featured snippet followed by nine organic results. So if a site loses the organic number one position but retains the featured snippet, that listing will still be counted as a number one ranked position.

Featured Snippet Update Review

How January 2020 update impacts your site?

If your website had a Featured Snippet for a particular search query and is also ranked number 1 for the same, then the number one page ranking will drop to the second page. This helps users to not see the same URL multiple times on the first page. But it is possible that, you can occupy the featured snippet in addition to ranking for a different position with different URL.

The featured snippet update replaces the first page search result and affects any website ranking on the first page of Google. If a website own featured snippet, then the site may get drop in click through rate. In the meantime, this update helps increase the ranking, if one doesn’t have a featured snippet. The performance report also will not change as a consequence of deduplication. This January 2020 update provides more options for users and increases competition within the results.

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