Websites are finally forced to say bye-bye to webspam tactics. Google has officially released the update that is called the Penguin Update

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Starting at the very base of search quality enhancements Google has been targeting low quality sites since the conception of the Panda algorithm and no sooner were we getting acquainted and adjusted to the various Panda versions Google goes ahead and gives away yet another algorithm announcement (that takes away all of the black hat techniques from search results). This Google update is now called the Penguin Update.

I do not know what to confer of this update as Google does not share enough information about it on its Inside search blogspot, but something tells me it has got to do with those trying to tamper with social signals to a site as well. A lot of changes in the Google algorithms have happened lately and SEOs have been trying side-by-side to manipulate this keeping a close watch on this search engine God's next move. My theory is backed by a recent comment made by SEOmoz's Rand Fishkin on his twitter page where he was ranked way higher for his +1 on a content created by another site, which was then followed by three other third party sites with the same keyword and finally the original content on the fifth search result position. Although the scenario is changed now and there is no real time proof for the same, it did still happen, take a look below. 

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Probably this is one of the reasons that Google has added a new button to Google+ that allows you to share content instead of recommending the content publicly. Got to wait and watch how this would affect the search results now. 

There have been many such search goof ups by Google search in the recent past, unsure of what the real reason is, it sure seems to look like Google is experimenting a lot of stuff on their search algorithms and most are going wrong (thanks to the many blackhat outdoers that manipulate the search engine bots). 

Whatever the case may be, search results are soon going to be refined even more and emphasis continues to be focused on the user. Optimizing a website is not going to be a piece of cake anymore, cliched as it may sound, it is just getting to be the hardest fact for all those SEOs out there.

Search Engine Land's Danny Sullivan has had a one-on-one chat with Matt Cutts on the Webspam algorithm - Penguin Update. Matt has clearly drawn a line of distinction between the 'over-optimization' penalty and the webspam algorithm update. 

In conclusion, it is now made clear that atleast 3% of queries at Google search wiil be affected with the newest Penguin algorithm as opposed to the 22% affected during the Panda updates fiesta. 

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This was the case when searchmetrics released a list of sites that were hit by the newest update only to later learn by Matt Cutts that this was because of a certain Panda 3.5 update along with the new webspam algorithm update. Read more..

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Here is a picture that marks the current date which is 27th April where the unnamed Google webspam algorithm is christened as The Penguin Update. Read more...

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