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Google Search Console starts sending alerts and notifications for the spikes in search traffic. Previously, Google has sent out similar alerts to site owners about the spikes or drops in weekly search traffic. But these new email alerts site owners to traffic spikes much faster.

Google Search Console alerts for unusual search traffic spikes

How it works?

Google compares the site clicks and query clicks as reported in the Google Search Console’s performance report. When it detects an unusual spike, Google can send an email notification to verified site owners. Hence, site owners will not receive these new alerts unless a page is generating higher-than-average clicks from search results. The email alert info includes: Your page is trending up, followed by average daily clicks, your page clicks increased by (x%) over the usual daily average of (X) clicks, page URL, and possible explanation for this trend.

Google’s John Mueller addressed that those emails will only sent out for the useful information to share. Hence, site owners will not get any of these emails unless a page is generating higher-than-average clicks from search results. Here is an example of the email alert shared on twitter.

Google Search Console performance report

Another one mail reads “Search Console analysed your performance report and found that your site had a substantial drop in clicks last week compared to the previous weeks. This drop is likely due to a drop in clicks for the query “X”.”

Weekly clicks for property

How it helps you?

Google trying to identify which page is getting more traffic and helps you to understand the reason of seeing a spike through this new email alert. Also, it will tell you the increased rate in daily clicks as compared to past data to address the issues which significantly impacts the business. You will get emails only for the organic search traffic, not for an inorganic method such as paid ads. 

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