Google Image Search ‘Old’ VS ‘New’

Google image search‘Google images search’ is one cool option for users that helps us arrive at the desired result in most cases even better than how web search is able to. We are aware of the Google Search page redesign and we had also written an article covering the news. Today while reading one of Barry Schwartz’s article covering Google’s image search missing ‘Image Size Filter’, that was kind of unbelievable. How does Google take off such a good option from Google Image Search? Here is a comparative show between the old search page and the updated one.

Old ‘Image Search Results’ Page


Google Image search old version


Google Image search Old - Larger than














Google Image search Old - Exactly FEATURE












New ‘Image Search Results’ Page

Google Image search update









Google Image search update lacks larger than








This is definitely a loss to people who deal more with Google images in their business. How do you react to this feature-miss?

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