Google Trumps Facebook in US as Most Sought Web Destination of 2011

Google vs FacebookAccording to industry researcher Nielsen, Internet search giant Google was the most visited Web destination in the United States in 2011 as Facebook and Yahoo fell behind. On an average, Google was visited by 153.4 million unique US visitors every month from home and work spot computers while Facebook came second with 137.6 million and Yahoo! came third at 130.1 million unique US visitors a month. Meanwhile, YouTube, another hot Google property notched up 106.7 million visitors per month topping the video segment. Recording 115.9 million unique US visitors a month, Microsoft’s MSN, WindowsLive and Bing followed the industry leaders.

Web brandUnique visitors per month
1. Google153,441,000
2. Facebook137,644,000
3. Yahoo130,121,000
4. MSN/WindowsLive/Bing115,890,000
5. YouTube106,692,000
6. Microsoft83,691,000
7. AOL Media Network74,633,000
8. Wikipedia62,097,000
9. Apple61,608,000
10. Ask Search Network60,552,000

Facebook Stays on Top in Social Networks

In Social Networking,  Facebook, with more than 800 million members worldwide had very little competition and was the runaway leader with 137.6 million unique monthly visitors. Another social network Myspace was found struggling at an average of 17.9 million unique US visitors per month, according to Nielsen. Google+, received only 8.2 million a month, probably due to its newness.

Google's web log publishing tool, Blogger's saw visitors triple to 45.7 million a month while Twitter found nearly six times more visitors at 23.6 million a month. Wordspace, Linkedin and Tumblr followed the lead pack.

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