Google’s Minor Update Adds More Information to Its Search Results, Enriching User Experience

Google announced a new update to its Knowledge Graph last week, adding more information to the results when you drag over the “People also search for” section. Though a minor update it adds value to searches done in Google, when a contextual popup shows how Google connects that result item with the original search term.

Google seems to get stirred over by the Bacon Number calculator, which inspired them towards displaying the connectivity information amongst their search results. The Bacon Number was a mass hit when even common people rushed in to check out their connection with Kevin Bacon, an American Actor who has worked with almost all actors in the US. This became huge news when people sacrificed more of their work hours, finding the bacon number of themselves as well as for other actors, on the day this calculator was out.

Google’s baby steps in this update have started showing connections between actors, movies, and TV shows as well as highlighting family connections amongst famous people in the Knowledge Graph. Like everyone else, I, too expect this facility to spread through all information we search via Google in future. Google behaves precautious when it informs that the connection information will not be available all the time unless a real interesting information or explanation is available on the subject of display.

Here are some results covering various differnet fields like politics, media, business, movies and sports in the Knowledge Graph displaying connections with the search term.

















Movies - people also search for















Sports- people also search for

















Business -people also search for
















Some Interesting Connection Results

Interesting Information - People also search for


















Oprah Winfrey

Interesting Information 2 - People also search for















Share your feedback about this new added feature to the search results by Google.

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