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Internet marketers, beware! On November 1st, Google will come up with yet another algorithmic update that might affect your search engine rankings. Though this update is being said to be rather specific and focused, it will be affecting several sites. Google has even went on to say that some pages will get de-indexed in case they don’t respond to the latest requirements in mobile friendliness. As believed, this update concerns intrusive and large apps for mobile pages to block content. Google believes that such apps make it difficult for the end user to access content and information they have been searching. Here are the scenarios that can attract a penalty:

Google warns about falling SEO ranks

1. Large mobile apps

The algorithm update for November 1 concerns mobile websites that use advertising apps. These advertisement blocks large blocks of content and in some cases are mandatory to be downloaded to view the content. Google believes that when an end user clicks on a link looking for a promised content but isn’t able to do so, the value of search result decreases. Visitors indeed get an option to close the ‘app download’ prompt; it does make things difficult, especially when on a mobile device. Many a times, users will have to strain themselves to find the small “x” or “close dialogue” button or accidentally click on the app download. Advertisers here are only making it difficult for the user to navigate away from the ad to the promised content.

To make mobile searches more user-friendly, this will be a welcome step from Google.

2. Full page app ads

After November 1st, 2015, Google will abandon all full page ads. The irony however is Google itself used this tactic not a long time ago to promote the Google+ app. These ads were however discontinued by July 2015. This behavior was triggered when the search engine found that 70% of its users are abandoning the site completely when faced by this ad page. The 9% of visitors that did download the app doesn’t justify the action enough. Google has always been working on delivering its users an optimal web experience and by November everyone has to follow Google’s footsteps.

Is this the next stage of the April 21st Mobilegeddon?

The November update will not be the first time that Google will harp on mobile friendliness of websites. Even before the April 21st 2015 update, Google had announced that mobile sites will be ranked alongside normal websites, and this was way back in 2009. The affect of the 2015 Mobilegeddon was felt that there were significant changes discovered in search engine results by May 2015. To make it a simpler process for web owners, Google offered a mobile-friendly test tool that allowed webmasters to simply put in their URL and test the site’s mobile-friendliness.

Apps that had interstitial apps were already penalized by the April 21st update. However, after November 1st, the consequences of using such apps will attract more penalties. Websites using these apps will get downgraded in search engine results.

It’s not a crackdown on all app ads!

The major portion of Google’s revenues comes from advertisements. It can be fairly believed that this algorithm update will not bring down any websites that engages in app ads. The algorithm is slated to target websites that use the app ad to block content or re-direct users to a ‘download’ page. However, apps showcased in smart banners and installed banners can still be a way to market your advertisements. Webmasters looking to advertise their apps will have to limit themselves to approved set of banners like the ones made for Chrome and Safari.

Points to remember

The main aim of the November update is to penalize websites that use intrusive and large ads that block the end user’s way to the main content. Google cracks down on all the factors that distracts and misguides users in the name of app ads. An average web surfer must be able to reach and access the content he/she has come looking for. For marketers, this should be put into every future advertising tactics. Now that Google has announced the update months ahead of the update, we can start working on the changes and get our websites set up accordingly.

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Google warns about falling SEO ranks

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