Google to Take Action on Deceptive Technique of Inserting new pages and Misleading users

Google WarningIt is again made clear by Google that, anyone who violates the quality guidelines will be under risk. On the new blog post in Google Webmasters Blog,  Google says that they receive so many complaints about a deceptive technique, where users when click “back button” on the browsers history, users are taken to a new page where they haven’t visited before. 

When users search in google and when they go back, thinking that the page will lead to the previous search results page , they actually land in a page which looks similar like the previous page, but entirely advertisements.  Check the below image for example.


Fake Search Results















So to protect users, Google has warned that it may take action on,

Removal of,

  •  sites which violate Google’s quality guidelines, including for inserting deceptive or manipulative pages into a user's browser history

Webmasters who feel that their site is been affected by manual actions, can make sure that their site no longer violate Google quality guidelines and then send Reconsideration Requests. Get your Website Audit Services here

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