Ever wondered how a logo can make all the difference?


The Launch…

Since the recent new formation by the parent company "Alphabet", lots of changes are still taking place within its subsidiaries. It all started by re-branding these subsidiaries with an even more superior identity. Google Ventures changed its name to GV, Google Life Science as Verily, and finally, Google X is now called just “X” which is the secretive moonshot lab of Google.

The Lab…

This Lab is where all the ideas are brought to reality through a new group called "Foundry". It is best known for the products such as the Google Glass (wearable screen), Loon (internet-beaming balloons), and Wing (Delivery Drones). The newly branded name to the lab is now represented by an epic 3D yellow X logo. This subsidiary is set on foot to drive innovations that believe in shaping the world to a better place where technology dwells.

The Fact…

Re-branding is no ordinary thing as it involves redefining the most important aspects of the company to skyrocket its business to greater heights. A completely re-branded “Logo” and visions along is what identifies a business’s position in the market thereby creating a massive hype across the globe just like "X" did. This means opportunity!

To create a such an influential design, it takes a lot of creativity and artistic stamina to deliver something that punches the prowess of the brand in the market. There are several companies in the market to design logos, websites, and other elements. But to create something that speaks volumes about the brand, only the experts in the industry can do it.


SIM is one of the companies that houses design experts with experience over a decade in the Digital industry with proven records. We have worked on diverse projects which involves Branding, Promoting, and Advertising the businesses on Google to help businesses establish a powerful brand that sees only results once they partner with us.

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