Google’s New Skin to Better Navigation & G+ Integration

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Google to replace toolbar with dropdown menu

The six months or so before the Holiday season has seen a lot of activity at Google, and consequently there has been a multitude of changes that have been integrated into Google, all focused at refining and redefining the Google user experience. From waving goodbye to a number of products that didn’t live up to the expectations, like Wave, Knol, Friend Connect, Gears and more, to creating a tough competition to Facebook in the social media platform with Google+, Google has been constantly pioneering and reinventing itself.

Since July 2011, the focal point of Google’s programming and design has been on bringing to the fore stuff that matters while getting rid of all other clutter so as to enhance user experience on Search, Maps, Translate, and Gmail, by creating a seamless, intuitive and consistent design that are built on three key design principles - focus, elasticity and effortlessness.

As part of the redesign, Google will be replacing the black nav bar at the top with a drop-down menu which can be access by bringing the cursor over the Google logo.

Google’s New Skin

The full list of links and additional services can be accessed by hovering over the ‘more’ link at the bottom of the list and users can access services by clicking on the list.

Google’s New Skin

The new design is aimed at offering users quick and effortless navigation to the different Google services, just like in a desktop, while also aiding Google+ integration across all Google products.

Though there is no mention on the official Google blog on when the new look is to be implemented, we can expect to see it anytime soon. 

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