GoZilla Unleashed - Google and Mozilla Renew the Browser- Search Relationship in 2011!

Divya Fernando
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If your browser is Firefox and search engine is Google, this is for you.

So, we have the big players in browser and online search market shaking hands in a collaboration that would mean, you do not have to setup your favorite Google search as the default browser page if you are a dedicated Mozilla Firefox user. Google, Mozilla Firefox

It's amazing to see these browser rivals now joining hands to welcome a collaboration of this caliber and allow Google to occupy even bigger search market than its potential Microsoft counterparts, Yahoo and Bing. "By monetizing through the browser search bar alone, a target $1 billion market is aimed at," says IDC's Hilwa.  

It is reported that in 2010 the Google contract amounted to a whopping 84% of Mozilla's annual revenue, while in 2009 it was about 89%. It was only last month that the contract expired but even then the default browser page was not modified by Mozilla. 

Well, it is not that Google depends on Mozilla, especially since the launch of Google Chrome that reportedly took away equal market share of browsers just like the Firefox. But with the latest list of companies bought by Google this past year, it seeks a profitable partnership with Mozilla by renewing its contract with them. 

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