Are We Heading Towards a White Hat Spam?

SEO ArticlesWith the amount of expert content flooding the internet, one would assume that it’s easy to understand SEO. But how many of these are genuinely unique?

There are two ways to be seen as a smart person

"a) Spend your days and nights learning and thinking   (or)  b) Focus on the outer trappings and simply pretend to act smart! "

Needless to say, the second one is far more popular. Why do you have slog it out why you can simply pretend and fool people? Unfortunately, this seems to be the trend in the SEO world as well. 

Google’s Changing the Rules of the Game

Not until a few years ago, a content that wasn’t read-worthy was still considered worthy of influencing search rankings. But today Google’s bots are far smarter than they were then. Today, if the content isn’t worth reading, you can be sure that the search engine wouldn’t rank it as well.  

SEO marketers then came up with an ingenious idea to beat Google- pretend to be an expert and flood the internet with your opinion columns!  Type SEO News on Google search and observe the millions of results that flood in to believe me.

This article actually began when I started looking for some web material on Local SEO factors. Here again a search on Google led to millions of results. But unfortunately with an exception of a few, none others made sense. In fact, most of them were a rehash of old material.  Just the format and supporting data changed.  Some of these were just about the basics, but nothing beyond it.

Almost Everyone has an Opinion on Ranking Factors

Have you ever wondered how every SEO Expert worth his salt has an ‘expert opinion’ of his own on search engine ranking factors? But it’s the same thing said again and again; concentrate on your back links, focus on content and of course, take care of on page SEO! It’s just the way of presenting changes.

Are We Heading Towards a White Hat Spam?

Probably yes! As Google tweaks its search parameters to give credence to social signals, internet marketers are trying to promote business by stuffing the internet with articles being sold as ‘exclusive insights’.


The ones that have foreseen the future trend have moved onbeyond SEO and are now focusing on digital marketing.


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