It is not unexpected that Google+ undergoes this sudden and drastic makeover, but the makeover itself is a surprise. It is fresh, in line with FB Timeline but better, more importantly it is user-appealing and friendly at the same time.

Google plus makeover.jpgAt first impressions, it might look a little like the Facebook timeline design, especially the concept of cover photo and a layer of the profile picture on it. In fact, it has gone ahead and corrected one of the noticeable flaws of the FB timeline of having a stamp size profile photo and made it more prominent and more visible instead, on Google+. It is like Google+ was waiting for Facebook to launch the timeline, get the negative feedback and work upon it for a perfect finish on its own product. 
Check out the video that takes you through the various changes Google+ page has undergone overnight.

Noteworthy Highlights of Google+ page -

It Gets Bigger:

In most parts of your profile page you would observe that everything from photos to videos, from tabs to menu options, has gotten bigger and more spacious. In the older version, while some were conspicously bigger the other tabs and options were literally hidden in  various places such that you would have to spend time to discover. Not Anymore!

Organized Structure and Design:

Everything is so organized that even a child can easily find what they want to do on his/her Google+ profile page. Unlike Facebook Timeline, there is no actual timeline to archive and view past and present profile posts, however, Google+ sure has managed to give most of its app and tabs on the same page so that you do not have to multiply your navigation activities. 

Google new profile.jpg

Your Shares Can never be missed: 

Since Google+ seems to compete with FB Timeline, obviously, I prefer comparing these two, and so I would have to admit, sharing photos and videos are much better on Google+. On FB, shared videos or photos appear so small that you tend to lose interest or prefer clicking it and watching a bigger preview, either of the photograph within FB or the video on YouTube instead. Google+ makes you stay at your G+ profile to look at its bigger photos and videos, again saving you from navigating to yet another page.

Movable Menu tabs:

To you viewing photos might be important, to your friends Google+ Hangouts might be often used. Why would you want to scroll down the page to find the menu button you often use, just move it up and have instant access everytime you are at your profile instead. Personalizing the position of the menu buttons is an incredibly thought-over concept that once again is seen nowhere else in the social networking world. 

I would want to leave out the rest for you to 'Explore'. Google+ has become fun, you can take my word for it. There is no stopping for the incredible reach of this baby search network in the coming months. It is strange that this post follows my previous post that said Pinterest occupied the 3rd spot among social networking sites. There seems to be high profile competition coming up for the current top 3 social networking sites in the near future.

I am also hoping Google+ Promotions for businesses takes a new leap with this interesting change of events.   

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