Reduce the deadly sins and become friendly with Panda

It is not unusual to find regular updates on Google algorithm, but unfortunately Google Panda has become a headache for most. While others do not mind or hardly notice the change it has done, SEO gurus haven’t rescued themselves from the havoc caused by Panda algorithm while majority of the people are unaware about the wreck caused to their website. As a matter of fact, it is good for everyone to stay updated about what is happening out there.

What is Panda?

Perhaps the first thing that strikes your mind would be why they have christened the update ‘Panda’.  Is it not unusual to think why the update had the name of huge weird looking black and white bears? However the fact is Panda refers to one of the Google engineers ‘Navneet Panda’ an Indian and not the animal what you thought of.
Co-workers of Google have been calling the update by his name Panda which started to spread like wildfire and everyone started to call it as ‘Panda Update’.

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Now you may wondering what Panda is all about. It was the search engine ranking algorithm released in February 2011which weeds out websites with poor quality content from top of the search engine results and websites with high quality contents were listed to the top of the search results. Not to mention there was a surge in ranking of news websites and social networking sites which had quality content. Moreover websites which contained various advertisements including adsense were pulled down in search results.
Google’s Panda is an artificial intelligence based system which is more trustable than the regular human testers. It has found various dissimilarities between websites judged by humans as high quality and low quality.

There are few deadly content sins one should avoid to become Panda’s Best friend
Avoid heavy template footprint

I bet you must have landed atleast once, on a website and grudged to yourself, where is the beef?  IT is impossible for the human eye to discern duplicate content. But artificial intelligence is completely different from the regular human standards.
Take a look at the image below, and tell me if you think there is enough content in this page.
 If 95% of the code on your page matches with another page ,software’s robots deduce this to be duplicate content. To check out the duplicate content ratio,you can make use of special duplicate content tool.

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Pages with empty content

If you just have a look at the page below you can easily understand how a page with empty content looks. The page does not have any content rather it links to other pages. It is good to avoid pages with empty contents to stay away from penalties of Panda algorithm.
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High Ad ratio -Panda says Penalty

You might ask why Google Panda algorithm is not related to Adsense ,and I ask you how it can be related to Panda. It is not unusual for anyone to get tempted towards ad and even Google has advised to plaster ads in your website. Unfortunately the Adwords team is completely different from the spam team headed by Matt Cutts, so you cannot expect to serve two masters at the same time.

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Address unique topic

Every page of your website needs to address different topics, For instance, if you are focusing on ‘Acai Berry’ then it is good to have keywords with slightly variation like body cleansing, rejuvenation, colon cleansing, etc. Needless to say Panda algorithm can cause negative effect to your website.   Here below you can find a perfect example for content farming.

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