How to Make the Most of Your SEO Partnership?

SEO Agent.jpgHiring a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Social Media Promotion (SMP) agency is in a way like hiring a plumber though not always. While we make use of the sink taps and shower mixers on a daily basis, we have very little knowledge of how to fix it when one cracks, leaks or gets blocked. And soon enough, we are on the lookout for a plumber, who can get it done for us. If you had previously hired the services of a plumber and were satisfied with his work, then without second thoughts you would call him again to help you out. But in case you weren't, you sure would look for another. Either way, you have to hire the services of another as you aren't a plumber. Not very different is the process of hiring a SEO service provider. If you had partnered a SEO company and found favorable returns, you are sure to hire them again. If not, you are sure to look for another who can guarantee you the right returns.

Listen, Learn and Seek your SEO Soul Mate

Listen, Learn and Seek SEO.jpgWe all think we’re pretty good at communicating, though the truth is, on an average we are neither good listeners or communicators. Researches carried out on judging listening spans indicate that we spend about 80% of our waking hours communicating in bits and pieces of which we spend 9% of the time writing, reading 16%, speaking 30% and 45 to 50 percent of our day engaged in listening in part to people, music, TV, radio, etc. The truth over these stats indicate that about 75 percent of that time we are forgetful, pre-occupied, or not paying attention. The average attention span of an adult in the United States is 22 seconds. So you have to get a lot more better than what the stats say when you’re paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for an agency to run any sort of project or campaign for you. Find a way to get over forgetfulness and fix a weekly schedule for meeting up with your SEO over phone, chat lines or cams if you are far away or busy with your own working hours.

When you are one on one with the SEO/SMP team that is working for you, you'd be able to find answers as soon as questions arise, without having to email and wait for a reply. Emails can eat into your time as well as theirs, lead to confusion and take your consultant away from the work they’re supposed to do! Over a period of time you'd get to learn what is the best time to reach your SEO agency - a time period in the course of the day - when they'd be all ears for you to send your volley of questions and promptly get answered, pushing away the cobwebs of doubt from your mind regarding your SEO/SMP campaigns. As much as you expect answers from them, be present to state in clear terms what you expect (without having to sound the bugle), clarify their doubts and queries as an when it arises thereby reducing frictional delays in execution of your Brand promotions, Coupon Distribution or SEO/SMP campaigns.

Make your short term and long-term SEO demands clear to the agency, so they'd chart a course of SEO/SMP procedures for you to attain your goals at the earliest. The more information they have about you, the sooner they have it, the more productive they’ll turn it out for you.

Trust & Love Your Agency a Lot More Than You'd Do Your Neighbor

love-trust.jpgWhile hiring a plumber can be dealt with just a look-into the Yellow Pages listings, SEO providers may not be that easy to deal with as there is much more at stake. It is more or less like hiring a nanny or baby-sitter - starting with references from trusted circles, personal interview to clear you head off unnecessary worries and more direct judgment of child engagement and management skills.

Well, hiring an SEO agency is not much different either. Before hiring a SEO agency, like any clear-headed and savoir-faire Businessman/woman, fall into the tried and tested strategies of asking your circles for suggestions after which it is mandatory to conduct a direct assessment of the SEO website, blog, testimonials, and all that you would like to know before you temporarily shift your web pages or website into their hands for letting them tune, tweak and promote it to perfection.

The longer that an SEO/SMP agency has been in business the bigger the number of satisfied clients that they would have testifying about them. Unless you involve yourself in the searching process, you will soon find yourself oscillating over an ocean of mistrust, just because you dint get to know them enough, first hand. Get one on one with the SEO marketing team to judge for yourself if they are completely capable of delivering what you have in mind. If you find one or more agencies that live up to your demands, make a comparative study of pricing VS deliverables , so that you can employ one which best suits your affordability with their USP.

Choose your SEO deals or packages, sign the deal, offer as much information about you as is demanded,  then sit back and let the agency do what you hired them to do. Reassurance in one thing that you would need once in a while but never question their every action at every turn, but build and show trust on your agency’s expertise and let them do what you wanted to. Become part and parcel of the SEO process as they want you to be instead of getting yourself to micro-manage them.

Have a Open Mind & a Willing Heart to Explore New Possibilities

open-mind.jpgIf you are new to SEO, you might suffer doubts in your mind, more so when your SEO agent is off-shore. Do your bit of homework to sharpen your SEO/SMP skills, though it isn't necessary to become an expert. But get to know what you want before you approach one and if your SEO agent suggests or recommends a better course of action with the promise of superior results or bigger ROI, of which you have no knowledge of, ask you questions and give it a shot if their proposition sounds assuring.

It is always good to have an open mind and the willingness to explore new possibilities in SEO as it is evolving all the time and unlike medical procedures there is no fixed this and that. After all, none of the good SEOs would like to lose repute as word of mouth is a strong marketing principle that they adhere to and it adds up to the annual base of satisfied customers they roll out. So you can expect them not to suggest something they haven’t successfully done before. Remember to consider your SEO agency as a passionate business partner who is working towards attaining your goal; all you have to do is grow enough trust and confidence for that passion to work on your site, and you are sure to be rewarded for it. From then on it could be a fairy-tale SEO/SMP partnership all through 2012 and beyond.

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