This article deals with how to setup the new Google Adwords message extension. This is yet another feature of Google Adwords which ensure that you never miss the communication.

Mobile users have increased day by day, reports indicate mobile search share continues to grow and it has been well over 60% for years now.  You might also hear about Google Search switching to Mobile first index from Desktop index. In recent days we can find that Adwords Call-Only Campaign and Adwords call extensions are benefiting the Google Adwords advertisers as they provide an increase in click through rates (CTR).

To that way now Google Adwords has introduced a new feature to benefit mobile users that is Adwords message extension. The new Google Adwords message extension encourages the potential customer who wants to get connected to a business with a text message. This also helps people who get fed up with call put on hold and the call transfer’s, in fact this option also helps slow speaking persons who are not good at communication.

Adwords message extension

The Above image shows the new Google Adwords click to message extension. When the ad is been shown you can see the message icon with a text for example like (Text Us for More information as highlighted above). When you click the ad your phones message application opens there you can type the question regarding the business.

The advertisers can set up a default text that appear on  message app of the user,  this is used to save the time, if users are not interested in the default message they can edit the message to their wish.

Set up Google Adwords Message extension:

Step - 1 : Log in to your Google Adwords account. Select Campaign >> Ad extensions >> View.

Step - 2 :  Select Message Extension in the Drop Down as indicated.

Set up Google Adwords Message extension

Step - 3 : Press + Extension there and you will see a Pop up. Fill the pop up window and the message extension is ready.

Adwords Message Extension window

In the above Adwords Message Extension window please enter the details of your Business carefully because these details are shown to the customers

Business name : In this field please enter your business name.

Phone number : Enter the contact number carefully and ensure that they are placed in correct format. Make sure that a person is available to reply the message from customer if not you can schedule the extension to show in particular time.

Extension Text : This text will be shown in your Ad so write apt words to make the customer type a message. Example if you provide a chimney cleaning service you can write text like (Text us for more information).

Message Text : This text will appear on user’s message app as soon they click the Ad, so enter apt text based on your Business. If you do chimney cleaning service you may keep the text as (Interested in chimney cleaning. Please reply). The text must be seen from a customer point of view and this is used to save the time of customer. The customer can edit the message if they need to ask a different question.

Start End Date : In this Adwords Message Extension setup you can select the start date and end date for your extension to show. This setup work well for seasonable business like Christmas shopping we can set the date that we want to show the extension.

Scheduling : If you have a business that runs only on weekends and that too on particular time let’s say from evening 4pm to 8.00pm this option is very much helpful.

Studies show that the Google Adwords message extension improves Mobile Click Through Rate (CTR) and they are also nearly good as Google Adwords call extensions. By using the AdWords message extensions we can improve the ads relevance plus Adwords quality score and we can also schedule the Google Adwords extensions to make sure that we are available to reply the query of client.

 Even though your website is not perfect mobile friendly you can use the Google Adwords message extension to get through the customer. This Adwords message extension gives us a less chance of click wastage and high probability of conversion because the client is interested that why he sends us the message. The Google Adwords advertisers are charged the same Cost Pesr Click (CPC) fee as when a user clicks on an Adwords message extension like click on Ad.

A Video on how to Setup Adwords Message Extension

The only Drawback in the new Google Adwords message extension is the conversion tracking. Yes, Google is currently unable to track texts from message extensions as conversions in Adwords. This means that Google Adwords advertisers who wish to track text messages have to create their own system. Having said that Adwords analysts believe that the new Google Adwords message extension will help improve the CTR (Click Through Rates) and create more engagement, thus value for Money.

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