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Entered into a new era of 2015, it has been full of opportunities for the Digital Revolution of businesses till date. More and more businesses going digital is spotted on the chart, growing exponentially each day than anticipated. This has provoked several challenges in the digital realm over time. So, how do we penetrate our business into such a competitive market and reach your exclusive customers? Indeed, a question to ponder. But there’s always a silver lining in any situation and the solution that best fits to this situation is Content Marketing.

A statistical analysis…

A recent study reveals that 9 out of every 10 marketers use content marketing for their promotional and marketing activities. The digital industry has also witnessed an all-time high demand for content marketers who can deliver a simple yet powerful content that converts. According to a survey conducted last year by Content Marketing Association, 91% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing to promote their products/services, which explains how important it is to have a strong content marketing strategy.

Though we can see content marketing spree on the web, it is inevitable that most marketers may not achieve the ultimate goal. There might be a number of reasons, but most forget that content marketing is an art of communicating and not selling. Content Marketing is just another way to engage with your customers by portraying what they want and leading them to take the desired action, the ultimate goal.

How Content Marketing fits in for any business?

The crucial aim of any business’s promotional campaign is to generate brand awareness to establish solid trust among its customer base, and when there is trust, there’s everything. The usage of high-quality content is an effective strategy for promoting just anything and it is believed that 60% of businesses use content marketing as one of their pivotal elements in marketing strategy.

Some tips…

  1. Content Marketing is brand journalism. It tells how awesome you brand is!
  2. Content Marketing increases traffic and trust to your website, thus creates more brand awareness and max revenue.

How to make great content?

See through the quality of your content:

Know who your readers are and deliver content that catches them off guard. The content you write should be rich in quality and the consistency of data should be given much care.   

"One size doesn’t fit all; two or three doesn’t fit either. So deliver content tailored to serve the interest of the crowd." - 

Tell your Story Well:

Remember, nobody wants to read a story unless they are attracted to the characters involved. Ask yourself, would you read something if you aren’t interested? What you are going to tell the world does matter, but what actually matters more is “how” you tell it. You are to find several interesting ways to deliver your content and feed the readers with quality information that meets their need.

“Good content is not storytelling. It’s telling your story well.” – Ann Handley

Keep it Simple:

Never go overboard when you are conveying your idea. People don’t have the time or interest to go through something twice unless something amuses them. So make sure that your content is transparent and clearly shoots straight to the bull’s-eye.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Content Marketing Strategies:

Check out the below infographics that insightfully explains several strategies, tips, statistics and several other data to understand how to leverage Content Marketing concepts to empower businesses in the digital space in real time.

How to promote your content?

The more relevant your content is to your targeted readers, the more it gets promoted or shared by them with zero or no effort from your end. Isn’t that cool? Revenue with no investment is, of course, a big deal but requires a blend of hard work and smart work to satisfy the eyes of your readers. And the more it gets into the social media space, the stronger your brand grows. Yes, your content gets shared by people all around the globe and talks about it for the quality of information it possesses.

But with millions of blogs and articles coming up each day, your content is most likely to be unseen in the hustle and bustle. In today’s context, even a well-written data-backed content might look incomplete if not blended with some eye-popping images. Here comes Infographics, a trending concept that just can’t simply be ignored. So the next time you look out for more likes and shares to your content, be sure to add a cool Infographic illustration that’s funny, informative, and catchy.

My saying on Content Marketing after quality experience;

“Content is not a content unless it contents the reader. And the more your content contents the reader, higher the chance that it gets shared”.     

Tip: Write not content with a motive to get it promoted by you through any investments, but by your readers, upon their interests.

Final catch…

Although most businesses invest a lot on content marketing with a motive to promote their business in the digital space, a disheartening fact is that, only about 20% succeed in achieving their ultimate goal. But looking at the brighter side, it establishes brand value no matter how long it takes. But the moral of the story is that, keep calm and look out for what really satisfies your readers who will eventually become your customers or promoters.

After all, Content Marketing is the only easy way to raise your voice online!

If you are looking for ways to attract your readers and turn them into customers or promoters, wait no more. Let's make it happen for you.



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