This case study is the output of Google AMP implementation and its impact on Mobile Search Results. We have seen tremendous improvement in organic mobile search results in the past few months with 43,023 new sessions as of today.

We have also installed the Google AMP analytics for an accurate analysis of data.

AMP Implementation Case Study

Industry Type : B2B

Industry Category : Scrap & Recyclables

Platform : Windows – ASP.Net, C#

AMP Implemented Date :  July 28th 2016

Comparison Period: July 28th - Oct 25th Vs.  Apr 29th – July 27th

Data Analyzed: Organic Mobile Traffic

Date of Analysis: Nov 28th 2017 (updated)

Data Analyzed: Organic Search Traffic on Mobile (updated)

Data Obtained From:  Google Analytics, Google Analytics for AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages)

The Challenge: is a marketplace for scrap and recyclables which has a separate section for Industry news, scrap prices etc. It is a 14 year old portal developed with and SQL server. We started working on this complex site as it was custom coded with a variety of advanced features. The site attracts over 2000 unique visitors a day but the mobile user ratio was considerably less. So we decided to make it fast loading with AMP Implementation.

AMP Implementation: Our AMP implementation team successfully implemented and tested AMP on RIM by July 28th 2016. The page speed immediately shot up 20 points from a score of 63 to 83. We decided to see the impact of AMP in the mobile search results as AMP is 100% for mobile search and will not impact Desktop Searches. We started seeing positive movements in the mobile traffic after a couple of days and decided to run it for a period of time to see the impact of AMP on mobile searches.

Google AMP Update (Nov 28, 2017)

Overview of Organic Search Traffic on Mobile for AMP

Organic Search Traffic on Mobile for AMP

Google Organic Search Traffic from Mobile Search till Date (Nov 28, 2017)

AMP Analytics installed on July 15, 2017

Total Sessions: 51,369
Organic Sessions: 48,023

Drastic Growth of Organic Search Traffic from Mobile

Google Organic Search Traffic from Mobile Search

Google Organic Search Traffic from Mobile Search

August 2017: 1520 Sessions
November 2017: 16676 Sessions
Increase:  15156 Sessions/Month compared to August 2017
Increase in %:  997%

The organic search traffic from AMP pages was initially around 50-60 sessions a day which then increased quickly to 500-600 sessions a day. had all-time high revenue in October, thanks to the team who implemented Google AMP Pages.

AMP Implementation

The Impact of AMP on Mobile Search

The following graph from Google Analytics indicates that the impact of AMP on mobile searches is significant and we were able to achieve a 30.96 % increase in traffic from mobile searches.  The traffic from mobile search increased from 14768 to 19340 after implementing AMP.

Impact of AMP on Mobile Search

Organic Mobile Search Visitors

Apr 29th – July 27 :  14678

July 28th - Oct 25 :    19340

Increase in % :          30.96

Conclusion: The AMP implementation experiment clearly indicates that it has a positive effect on mobile search results while improving user experience and loading times. I strongly recommend implementing AMP for positive results and a good return of investment in long term. I will be updating the second case study on AMP implementation shortly.

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