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A tale about future… ‘Devices can talk?’

Each day is a dream of yesterday, tomorrow is a dream of today! There was a time when the dream for artificial light made Edison to develop a light bulb; and after so many years of intellectual dreaming we now have robots which can even handle our daily chores thereby subtracting our tasks. Now that everything has become artificial, handling all these devices is yet again a challenge, giving way to a more hyped technology ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’. IoT lets devices talk with each other on a unique platform that has complete control of every device that are interconnected.

“Internet of things, an Intelligence of Time” - SIM

What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

Internet of Things or IoT is a computing concept which involves the communication of everyday digital devices through internet managed by a single remote authority. With IoT, we can make the world of things completely connected with each other over the web through sensors or any other communicating chips embedded on each of them.

“Connecting Things, Connecting People, Connecting Markets, Connecting World – The 4C’s of IoT”

The time has come to foresee a world interconnecting people with things of desire through markets of fortunes.

What? Big Data is a brother of IoT?

As the number of interconnecting devices increases with respect to several processes, Big Data comes to the play with its massive processing capability of huge amounts of data. Big Data is not just any data that has mass volumes of data, but how these mass volumes of data is managed and processed to deliver well refined results in just fraction of seconds.

Let’s say you are a parent company for ten another companies serving businesses worldwide. Now, while each of your companies functions as an independent body, more of man power & several other resources are deployed to meet its needs; hence to manage all of these is yet again a monotonous approach. But with IoT, every attribute of each company can be interconnected and brought under one database, and processing this data gives an open call to Big Data analytics. You can now manage umpteen businesses from a remote location with no sweat to lose.

IoT for Digital Marketing?

Internet of Things, the most prominent buzz word of the year that sells; thereby making every business and people to talk about it and adapt to it. So what can this future technology do for Digital Marketing? The brilliant question shot by business community worldwide, and yet IoT does answers to their call.

For businesses marketing products online and offline, stock management is one crucial facet that has to be overseen by managers. At times either stocks go dry or never sells depending on several circumstances and seasons of the market, which can obviously cause massive loss for the business if not managed under a single roof. This is where IoT takes its toll by interconnecting every partitions of the business organization to one hub, with a call for Big Data to process any massive volumes of data, thereby exterminating every deterrents of yesterday for a better tomorrow.

A Glimpse: SIM’s revolutionary approach with IoT in Digital Marketing

Administering large scale businesses takes a master mind to manage and execute every process associated with it to bring in more customers and quality leads. For businesses, customers are the king, and so appealing the king with the right attitude is the only source to exemplify revenues through their consumption of desired products. But at times customers are not aware of several other services amidst their place where they live.

Let’s take an example of a customer buying pills for toothache. Imprinting a pivotal data on the bill of sale about a well-known dentist of their location can apparently serve the dentist with a customer, or at least a lead; after all, word of mouth is still a predominant factor in the excellence of businesses.

Furthermore, let’s take an example of a hardware store selling paints. It is these hardware stores that make fortunes in the market during seasons and any other red-letter occasions. Does purchasing paints gratify the needs of the customers? Obviously that’s a big no, because they need someone to furbish their houses or any other things of their choice. Imprinting the best home furbishing contractors of their location on the bill of sale on every purchase made by customers can commendably bring in more customers and quality leads to contractors.

With IoT, digital marketers can remotely make just anything possible to understand the needs of the market by interconnecting every people with things and shooting an ad relevant to the things of their choice.

The word in motion by IBM: Internet of Things

Digital marketing has now got its call to wholly emerge out to the mass world of business with the Internet of Things at its upper hand. Little do we know of its potential, but when it does make its complete control over the world, we are inevitable to witness an inspiring change in the history of technology. Start dreaming today for things that is connected, for markets that is connected, for a modern tomorrow that is connected. 

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