A social search engine and networking platform invites audience to kick the tires

It was last Monday that the Italian computer science professor Massimo Marchiori launched a new search engine and social media platform called Volunia. He has challenged the US technology giant Google, with the latest innovative platform that has a blend of search engine and networking features. Fifteen years back, the Italian academician developed a special algorithm called ‘Hyper Search’ which was a special system for ranking web pages. Massimo Marchiori taught about this algorithm to his students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The new technology ‘Hyper Search’ was a great inspiration to Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The  Italian professor turned down a job offer by the search engine bellwether Google and started working on his own projects. He gave up hishigh profile career in United States where they offered him a salary of 2,000 Euros ($2,600) a month. Italian commentators have praised Marchiori for his successful launch of new search engine after his long years of work. Currently, he teaches students of various disciplines at the University  Of Padua, Italy.

Marchiori developed this search engine after tinkering for more than 4 years. Volunia has become the cynosure of all internet users across the globe. It claims to be a 3rd generation search engine with all features that would make it easy for any users to browse. Volunia is still on its test phase as per the reports given on February 12 but ‘power users’ can access the social search engine without difficulty .Marchiori believes that every function available on Volunia would be available to users in the near future, with the best of the search engine applications and features.


Marchiori quoted, “Larry Page approached me just after the conference where I presented my paper on HyperSearch. He was spell bound by the HyperSearch technology and asked whether he could use it. Since I did not get patent for my technology he started using it in his products in the best possible way. Currently Volunia has a US copyright and it can be used by select users alone. since it launch on 6th Monday 2012 it will be available in 12 languages including Arabic, English, Japanese, Russian to mention but a few. Organizers have planned to fund it by selling out the advertising space. I christened it as Volunia from the words “volo” which means flying and “luna” meaning moon.”

Based upon the reviews and comments by internet evangelists, Volunia is a challenge and potential competitor to Search Engine giant Google. Let’s wait and watch the “Unexpected”

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