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After the official announcement yesterday of Google’s knowledge Graph, introducing a new carousel feature to local searches, a lot of discussions are going on in and around the web with the wide  intention of knowing how exactly knowledge graph helps in exploring local search results. Though knowledge graph was introduced a year ago, there were continuous updates on the queries and displays, to show more relevant results to the users.

As per the report,

“when you search Google for restaurants, bars or other local places on your desktop, you’ll see an interactive “carousel” of local results at the top of the page.”

As knowledge graph is now on the peak of discussions, here we provide a brief basic idea on what is Knowledge Graph and the new carousel feature for local searches.

What is knowledge Graph?

Knowledge graph is nothing but collecting information about the objects in the real world. The object could be a person, book, movie, music, or any type of things in the real world. It is not just limited to information’s that google already provide in organic search but a detailed flow or collection of information with a panel display. It can also connect the object to closely related objects in the Knowledge graph. 

For example,

If the query is based on a person, then google collects relevant data about the person’s images, date of birth, height, education, awards, etc and displays it in a panel on the right side of search results page.

 Along with this basic information, the bottom of the panel provides a series of similar searches as “People also search for” as shown the image. Know more about knowledge graph.


Knowledge Graph Panel


Exploring the search

Knowledge graph provides information that users never asked and thus help them discovering more information, with just the basic idea of what the user is interested in. “If knowledge graph identifies the user to be interested in books and if he is searching for nobel prizes, then google relates both and provides results”. The panel at the right side of the organic search results page provides the basic information based on the query and it when explored moves to another page with carousel at the top of the search results, which shows periodic similar results in series.

Exploring the search


Local Searches

For local searches like restaurants, bars or hotels or any other local places, click on one of the places in the carousel to get more details about it. Just with one click on the carousel, the user can get more information locally like review based score, address, photos and more. Users can scroll for more images through the right side of the carousel and for location based queries users can zoom in on the google map to restrict the search to specified area.

Carousel for local searches


Carousel results have rolled out only in English in US. In the near future it is expected to come up with more features extended to languages.This feature is good for  local businesses and get our local business services here. 

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