Collection of Top 10 Best Press Release Sites of 2013

Top Press Release SitesPromote and publish your news through our Top 10 list of press Release sites. Your contents get published in Online news channels (Google, bing, Yahoo), which makes your content even more popular and returns back your needed results. Knowing your necessity, we have come up with the Top 10 Press Release sites after a research. We SubmitInMe offer you the Best Press Release distribution service. Get our packages here. Check out the top press release sites list below.


         Top 10 Press Release Sites


Newsvine.comWebsite URL:


The first position of all the top 10 Press Release sites goes to Newsvine with Page Rank 7.  It is a Seattle-based Newsvine, Inc. which was launched in March 2006 with a solitary purpose: to galvanize people around the news. Its unique feature is that it is an open source, community news service, which lets members customize the news viewed. Google indexed pages of Newsvine is 99,200.



Website URL:


The second top position goes to i-Newswire with Page Rank 6. It is a press release distribution center, with 1,30,000 customers all around the world. The unique feature of                i-Newswire is “PR killer” which abusing Press Releases to advertise products or services and they say that they offer only quality press releases. The site operated since December 14,2004 with 2,170,000 Google indexed pages .



PressReleaser.comWebsite URL:


With Page Rank 6 PressReleaser holds the third position. It is a site that offers Global media outlet and Press Release distribution service. It only takes a few minutes to launch your free press release out to an audience of millions. PressReleaser operates from December 19,2010 with 67,400 Google Indexed pages.



Pr.comWebsite URL : ranks the fourth position with Google Page Rank 6. is a unique website where companies can promote literally everything about their business in a one stop shop business marketplace. It is a directory of businesses,  a press release distribution service and online publication of articles, reviews and celebrity interviews. Since April 9,1999 is live online and the Google indexed pages are 681,000.



Freepressrelease.comWebsite URL:


We offer the fifth place to with Google Page Rank 5. It is a website providing Press Release Distribution service founded in 2001 by Maxo Group. It aims to helping small, medium or large sized enterprises to optimize their online marketing strategies. Google indexed pages of is 3,440,000.



 1888pressrelease.comWebsite URL:


1888pressrelease, with Page Rank 4 gets the sixth position. The unique feature of this site is that it allows you to distribute Press Releases to search engines, newswires and websites to help increase awareness of your product, company, or self for free. This site operates from August 21,2005.



  Onlineprnews.comWebsite URL:


The next place goes to which is live online since October 05,2008. Online PR Media is the place where traditional media press releases are supercharged with multimedia, social media, and search engine optimization, so we offer this site the seventh position. Google indexed pages of Onlineprnews are 359,000.



Marketpressrelease.comWebsite URL: gets the Eighth position with Page Rank 3. Launched in 2008,, a press release distribution service, is helping small, medium or large sized enterprises in optimizing their online marketing strategies. Google indexed pages of is 214,000.



  Prsync.comWebsite URL:


Since Feb 6,2009 started its service. It is a professional news and information distribution site for professionals that serves by delivering latest top industries/partners/competitors news. We offer the ninth position. Google indexed pages of is 128,000.



Freepressindex.comWebsite URL:


On the top 15 Press Release sites, holds the tenth position with Page Rank 3. It is a site that offers free Online press release distribution service for press release (PR) writers, journalists and freelancers. It provides its service since 2007 and the google indexed pages of are 698,000.

Hope the above 10 press release sites helped you submit your articles. For more information on google updates, SEO tactics and updates follow me on Google Plus.


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