The more the citations you have for your small business, the more exposed are you to your targeted set of audience

Many small and medium businesses are at constant try to mark their online presence and increase their visibility among their local clients. Local marketing services could never exclude Local SEO done to their businesses now. If you are still ignorant about this, that is a real awful situation.

Local SEO Citations

Is it enough that marking your business location over Google Maps and Bing maps has done the Local SEO job perfect for you? No. There is yet another green button that plays core to your website visits surge. And that is called “Citations”. In simple terms, this is one form of link building.

Local business marketing has changed shades since mid 2012. Your presence & mentions over the web speaks for your business growth.

What are citations?

You might have come across many Local SEO guides insisting or guiding you to “BUILD Citations”. What are they actually?

                               “Citations are pathways for Local SEO services. They are listings or mentions of your business website spread all over the web. All citations may not necessarily link back to your business website.”

Citations comprise NAP – Name of Business, Address, and Business Phone Number. This order should be the same. Name followed by address followed by Phone number.

The more citations you have for your business, the more eager will become search engine bots to bring your website to the top of Google/Bing. 

Citation Sources

Local marketing services include the following places as sources for Citations:

  • Each of your web pages can include your address & phone number at the footer.
  • Never use your personal or mobile number throughout your citation spree… Best opt for your local phone number. This helps in easy verification & indexing purpose
  • Article, Guest posts, Q&A sites, Press Releases, Profile pages, Forum signatures, Image descriptions, Video descriptions, and so many more
  • Online Yellow Pages & Yelp is another great source to build easy citations
  • Identify your niche directories or business listings using the following search terms:
  1. City + Directory

  2. City + Business Listings

  3. Industry + Directory

  4. Industry + Business Listings

  5. City + Blog

  6. Industry + Blog

  • Analyze the citation sources of your competitors and try to place your listings over there.
  • You may do this using the following search format: “Competitor’s Business Name” AND “Postcode” site: For example – “SubmitINme” AND “629004” site:

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Please make sure…

  1. Your citations should display the same format throughout the web. A unique representation throughout, for easy identification for search bots.
  2. No abbreviations are allowed in Citations, else the information you post could be misled
  3. Citation building is never a onetime process done to completion. Many new web sources are available each day and you should be aware of the updates and get updated accordingly.
  4. Local Business SEO is a real worth when you do in the knowledgeable & updated way.
  5. Again concentrate on your local area. Know how a normal person searches in Google for your industry related keywords. 
Local marketing services boom from each possible end, and this is your turn to try your hand in it, as a habitual process.


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