Local SEO and Google+ Local are never deviants and both merge themselves as clay and water, inseperable

Local business listings and local business marketing can never attain the fuller status, and not even half the completed status until your small business gets connected with Google Plus Local. This conditional status remains unchanged until Google remains the search king. And any other competitor of Google (say Bing) can only dream of beating Google in the search world as of now. This is because creating a search engine requires ample time & years of hard work, which Google already has as huge fruit in hand.

local seo google plus localGoogle is now in a tiresome mission to integrate Google+ into all possible streams, just as you include your signature over any documents you put your hand into. It’s undoubtedly Google’s self-promotion tactics. But what if it turns beneficial to small businesses? It’s never a doubtful question anymore. Google+ Local is BENEFICIAL to small businesses.


Did you know that Google+ Local got updated?

Why you need Google+ Local?

Google+ Local results for the query ‘Chinese restaurant Boston, MA’:















See below Google Search results for the query ‘Chinese restaurant Boston, MA’:















Can you see the importance of optimizing your Local business over Google+ Local? Marking your business presence over Google+ Local will automatically drive first page results over the much competitive Google Universal search.

Transform your reviews on your business into hooks for gaining more leads. A ‘Local review’ tab is now exclusively integrated in the main tab at the top of the Local page. Local business SEO done right can never get wrong in this methodology to gain more customers to your business. 

Tips for Google+ Local:

Everyone does Local SEO to their local business.  But how far are they successful in it? Are the procedures done to perfection? That’s a real million dollar question.

Try to complete you Google+ Local profile providing all details the system asks you for.

  1. Fill-in the description tab with a well-written description of your business & goals
  2. Correctly mention your store’s opening & closing time
  3. The address you enterer should be fully done with no abbreviations such as MA for Massachusetts or St. for Street
  4. The phone number you enter in should be your business land line phone number. No personal or mobile numbers allowed
  5. Choose category snippets wise. It pin points what you stand for.
  6. Your website’s landing page matters a lot. Remember to have a call to action & details to contact on the landing page.
  7. Most importantly, verify your page for authentication.
  8. Promote & market your Google+ page wherever possible
  9. Remove duplicate business listings of yours, whenever you note one.

Google is very particular in promoting your business when you participate in all what they offer us. Google+ is one among them. Google’s competition with Facebook always continues & Local business marketing VIA Google+ Local is always in demand. Remember to list your business in Google Maps. Google Places are soon to be replaced by Google+ Local.

Hurry...You are running out of time.

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