Google+ Local is now updated with Google Places at the verge of getting disappeared

Google+ Local had moved a step forward updating its social profile for much better access. As we know that Google+ Local plays a crucial role in Local marketing services, this update as usual enhanced the way local & small businesses are represented over Google search results. 

Google plus Local Updated

The changes include:

  • A new Local ‘Review’ tab
  • Bigger cover image with a better aspect ratio
  • About page redesigned

Local ‘Review’ Tab:

All the local reviews you had done earlier are now put below one single tab under the header ‘Reviews’ in the profile page. These reviews will make way into Google search in the coming days, while this feature is not associated with reviewer right now.

local reviews google plus local












Crazy big cover image:

Huge Cover photos are now available for Google+ profile - 2,120 pixels by 1,192. This image size is twice the size which was available in the older version. 

google plus cover page

Once you upload the new image, you lose the privilege to switch back to the older version. As you see below, can you note how Coca-cola has utilized the entire space with cool photo snippets? You can adopt the strategy or try innovative ways to highlight your small business and the reason behind.

The business name and address representing your local business is been moved down and now appear as a text overlaid on the cover image. The Follow button & +1 buttons now appear on the cover image. “Write a review” button has now lost its blue color. The photo strip which got abolished back in 2011 is now back.

Note that you will be able to view three different types of cover images for your Local Google+ profile now. 

coca cola google plus cover image







About page redesigned:

The About page under your profile now is been categorized into various divisions:

  • People
  • Story
  • Places
  • Basic Information
  • Contact Information
  • Apps
  • Links

Each of these divisions has an edit option in separate and also includes privacy options of who can see what.

google plus local about update










Warning to small business owners:

SEO for small businesses always treats marking a business location over Google maps as one main procedure. Back in May 2011, Google transformed Google Places into Google+ Local. In a statistics conducted with Local business websites, it is been found that more than 92% of the Local business owners are unaware of this. This information remained buried since Google is still maintaining its Google Places visible rather than removing it traces of. But this is to be continued only for a very short period of time. Yes! Google is going to dispose Google Places as a whole. Don’t you need to transfer you business listing over to Google+ Local? Aren’t you in need of your valuable reviews? Ask your clients to create a Google+ account and transfer reviews on your business to Google+ Local. Why wait to make a decision? All in Google Local is now, Google+ Local and not Google Places.

Get in touch with a professional SEO service provider to update and transfer your Google places listings and images to Google+ Local. 

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