Social media Branding Lets you Gather more leads & also exposes your brand name to a larger group of audience within a very short span of time

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Google has itself accepted that social media signals play a major role in search engine rankings. How does it become exceptional in case of Local search results and local business marketing? It’s no longer NEWS that social media branding OR creating exclusive business accounts over social networks increases your online visibility. The very main thing that I think social media networks offer you is “word-of-mouth” marketing. Messages or information that you share about your small business gets viral within minutes, earning you huge revenue & brand reach. 

When we list down some few top social media sites, I would list them in the following order:








local seo google plus branding





Merging your Google Business page and your Google+ Local Page highlights your small business twice stronger than before. Google+ Local got an update very recently where the navigation & Local reviews tab got enhanced & presentable than that of the older version. Local Business listings which were previously over Google Places are now transformed into Google+ Local & Places are at the verge of extinct. They have made the process simple & easy for local business owners to mark their presence high over Google’s search results. You now have the option to connect to your reviewers to appreciate their participation or solve their concerns regarding your service quality with regards to poor reviews. How Engaged!


local seo facebook branding




Facebook still remains the top social networks at present. No one network has surpassed the status for the past five to seven years. Facebook is one biggest source to spread your word owing to the huge user status. More than 80% of the internet users possess a Facebook account among which each of them have at least 100 friends among their Friends list. What more do you need to spread your business & its unique features. Moreover Facebook also offers advertising opportunities collaborating with Bing. Which precisely means that, efforts that are put over Facebook also gets reflected in Bing. With the introduction of Graph search, possibilities of Local businesses getting known to Facebook users has increased a lot. References of their friends to a particular restaurant, comments on it & photos taken at those locations add boost to businesses which seek local clients.


local seo twitter branding





Tweets travel at the speed of light, I say. The social reach with Twitter is appreciable and the number of followers to company account, audience engagement and real-time word-of-mouth marketing are keys to Twitter success. Using your brand name as your profile name is advised better than using keywords to represent your business. This also is related with the limited characters each tweet allows. Despite the limited character count, Twitter still leads the social media world as one top networks for people engagement and local internet marketing.


local seo pinterest branding





Within a very meager time span Pinterest has rose to grab the third place among social networks. Your pinned images are do followed and allows users to reach your website when they click over the image. Every one time a Pinterest user pins your link, the pin appears into their board allowing their friends and competitors to access it.


local seo linkedin branding





LinkedIN is for the professional community & all those connections & people you meet via LinkedIn will for 50% become your clients. You have the rare opportunity to reach your niche audience by connecting with them & participating in LinkedIN groups. Local SEO service providers could be well identified through this respectable network & conversions flow in within a very short span of time.



local seo youtube branding


Youtube is not only for “Gangnam Style” videos and music videos are not the only ones that go viral over YouTube. If you do something different, with a pinch of spice & fresh element added to it, your business video too gets maximum reach. And videos have a conversion rate much higher compared to any other advertising means. Sitting idle after you post a video to Youtube is never going to help you. Video promotion is equally important.

Hope you found this introductory part about social media channels and their role in local business marketing to be beneficial to build your own online local business which awaits local clients.

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