MajesticSEO Introduces Flowmetrics: Visual Representation of ACRank and More

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With the undue importance showered upon link profiles, MajesticSEO raises the bar over the much subdued PageRank and the sole dependency on MozRank by launching Flowmetrics.

MajesticSEO flowmetrics Chart.png

Link intelligence tools provider, MajesticSEO has just spruced up the link analyzer metrics from the slightly flawed and confusing ACRank to the newest and easily conceivable graphical representation of Citation flow and Trust flow of links to an URL, through Flow Metrics. 

So, if you were solely dependent on the MozRank, here is something that SEOMoz's friendly competitor brings to you - a display of pink dots with dense and sparse parts along a diagonal flow of backlinks as well as that of referring domains. This actually echoes exactly what search engines look for these days, a commendable mixture of quality backlinks and authorship that leads to a trusting neighborhood. 

The chart features the citation flow towards the right and the trust flow being raised vertically, has been made available for link profiles tab and referring domains tab as well. MajesticSEO thinks, if you have dense regions of dark magento, it is a positive indication of a concentrated and balanced citations and trust indicators on the backlinks or referral links in concern. 

Dixon Jones of MajesticSEO claims that this is not a mere representation of the stats when he says

There are now many iterative algorithm calculations going on now during each index update, so that if a URL has a high Citation flow or Trust flow score, then proportionally more of that value will “flow” through to the links from that URL. Doing this once is cool. Iterating this loads of times is incredibly difficult – but we have cracked it and now we are able to give this to you instantly in all your reporting tools.

Apart from backlinks to the homepage, the flow metrics considers the citation and trust flow of links towards the inner pages of the website too. They have their independent web crawler and certainly do not depend on Google or any other search engine data in the process. 

At the present time, all of the websites tested with the flow metrics tool seem to return higher concentration of links at the Citation graph rather than at the trust flow graph. MajesticSEO invites you to offer examples of sites with a higher trust flow over citation flow ratio in their blog.

Below are few of the flowmetrics chart for popular websites. There is one such chart which has a score of 99 both for citations and for trust flowmetrics out of 100. Can you guess who?

1youtube flowmetrics.pngpepsi flowmetrics.png

BMR Flowmetrics.png

                     1digg flowmetrics.png



                                                                                                           Flowmetrics position 1.png

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