Auto Generated Pages of no added value in search results will end up in Manual Action

Manual Action on Auto-Generated PagesMatt Cutts has come up with another video yesterday which answers the questions of many webmasters who received warning for manual actions in webmaster tools on "thin content or no added value".  Now you can call auto-generated pages of no value also as thin content. Google states that, as like they take action on pages with absolute thin content, they will be taking action on auto generated content which tricks the search engine and mislead users to a different page that has no value added value.

The questionary video by Matt Cutts, clearly explains the issues and the stepts to be taken out with auto-generated or thin content,

The question goes like this,

What does Google do against sites that have a script that automatically picks up the search query and makes a page about it? Ex: you Google [risks of drinking caffeine], end up at a page: “ we have no articles for DRINKING CAFFEINE” with lots of ads.

A really very meaningful question and the answer is YES, Google will take action on such sites. Matt Cutts says that, it’s a really very bad user experience which forces Google to take immediate action on those types of sites.

Matt cutts also reminds the quality guidelines which says about the auto-generated content. As per Google guidelines,  

Use robots.txt to prevent crawling of search results pages or other auto-generated pages that don't add much value for users coming from search engines

He quotes another bad user experience with an example saying, “If a user searches for products such as VCR or Laptops or whatever expecting that the results would fetch him out the reviews of the products he looked for but he lands in a page that says zero reviews found for that particular product. So a proper search engine should disallow all such pages and prevent them from crawling. It is because users don’t like to land in a page where they see no reviews but full of results.

So, as Google is taking actions on any page that has no added value, you can send spam reports. Also on any results, if you feel like they are not a real web search or a corpus or something unusual, you can directly block those pages and also you can report to Google, as Google is willing to take action because they are completely violating Google Guidelines.

So it’s the time to check the functionality of your website and check whether it violates any guidelines of Google. If you have already received any warning message from Google regarding thin content, you can rewrite them or replace with unique content. Think of whether your content adds value to the user and also it is good to update your site frequently.

Matt Cutts Video on Auto-Generated Content

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