If your site is against the Google quality guidelines Google takes it seriously which will have a negative impact on your website rankings, Google has a Web SPAM team who manually monitor the search results, analyze the websites and if they find any website which does not fit in the criteria, they sent a message to the webmaster saying that the site is under a manual penalty.  This is available in the webmaster tools. Your site will no longer appear in the rankings until you do the needful and get your site revoked from the penalty. So we have to solve those issues which were against Google guidelines and send a request to Google for reconsideration. If Google believes that the issues are fixed they will revoke the manual penalty and send you a confirmation to webmaster tools. If that happens, your site will be back in the SERPs.


Google needs everything on your website to be natural that is organic. Backlinks, content, citations, reviews or anything else should be natural. If you build backlinks or create content with automated tools for website rankings, Google can penalize our site.


The most common types of manual penalties are listed below,

  • Unnatural links to your site
  • Unnatural links to your site-impacts links
  • Unnatural links from your site
  • Hacked site
  • Pure spam
  • Hidden text and keyword stuffing
  • Cloaking and sneaky redirects


There are two ways to check the website being affected by Google.

  • In the WMT dashboard, click Your Website à Search Traffic àManual Actions.

  • Check your website has been indexed or not using the query on Google "site: domainname.com" If your website doesn’t appeared in the SERP’s then it is obvious that it has been affected by Google Penalty.

There are two different types of manual penalty displayed under the manual action tab. They are,

  • Site-wide matches: Lists actions that impact an entire site.
  • Partial matches: Lists actions that impact individual URLs or sections of a site.

If your site is penalized by Google, the analytic graph will show a sudden decrease in traffic. If you do not take heed to your website’s issues, Google will blacklist or harm your website permanently.

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