Matt Cutts: Google Will Try, Providing More “bad link” Examples to Webmasters

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Matt Cutts New Video on Reconsideration Request

Matt Cutts on Examples of Bad BacklinksMatt Cutts came with another interesting questionary video yesterday on Google Webmaster Help, in which he says that Google, in the coming days, Google will try to provide more examples of bad links to webmasters to help them recover their sites from penalties.

The question was put forth to Matt Cutts as

Client got unnatural links warning in Sept’ 12 without any example links, 90% links removed, asked for examples in every RR but no reply, shouldn’t it be better to have live/cached “list” of bad links or penalties in GWT? Think about genuine businesses.”

Matt Cutts answered that, Google is trying to be more transparent with webmasters who sent reconsideration requests on bad links. But still Matt Cutts wants to make it clear that google can’t provide a detailed answer for all the requests but still a reply will be sent basically as,

Yes, the reconsideration request has been granted


No, you still have work to do

When there are a multiple Webspam action taken by google and if you have cleared some and if few are left non-cleared, then you may get replies as,

Your request has been processed

But typically Google will always provide a YES or NO back to the webmaster for his Reconsideration Request. For more information on Reconsideration Request read our article on Q&A on Reconsideration Requests Regarding Backlink. Get our Back Link Cleanup Services here.

Matt cutts again repeats that, there’s no field in that request to say that a live amount of text or to just say,

“Okay, here’s some more examples. But we will work on trying to get more examples in the messages as they go out or some way where you. For example, it would be great if you could just log into Webmaster Tools and see some examples there”

He recommends that, it is always good to stop by the Google webmaster Forum, whenever you get a message from Google and see if you can get any examples from Googlers. He adds that, In this case maybe we can check the specific spam incident, and see whether we might be able to post or provide an example of links within that thread.

 He concluded saying, “But we’ll keep working on trying to improve things and making them more transparent.”

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Matt Cutts Video on Examples of Bad Backlinks

Hope the detailed information we provided, helped you in knowing more on the video. Be updated with more information on SEO news and updates, following my Google Plus Profile.


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