Matt Cutts: Google’s Webspam Algorithms Goes International and Fights Search Spams

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Matt Cutts New Video on Webspam on Non-US markets

Matt Cutts on WebSpam on Non-US marketsHere comes Matt Cutts with his new video on WebmasterHelp regarding Webspam on Non-US markets.  This seems a very good question this time which is kind of relating with the previous videos regarding TLDs. In this video Matt Cutts clearly states the efforts Google has taken in improving the search spam algorithm internationally. It is good that questions regarding searches and algorithmic webspam measures in non-US markets would initiate Google in delivering better results for users in the near future.

The question goes like this,

Is the Webspam team taking the same measures to counter spam in international markets like India like they do in the US market? It just seems like there are a lot of junk sites that come up in the first page of results when searching on”

The question is made simple as,

Does the webspam team fight spam in non-US markets such as India?

Cutts says that Google’s Webspam team has both the engineers who work on algorithmic spam as well as manual web spam. Both the teams work on spams all around the world.  He again explains that when focusing on non-US markets such as, Google needs an algorithm for any kind of Webspam like link spam, keyword stuffing or whatever to work in every language inside India. He says, “so we do try to make sure that to the degree it’s possible for us to do it, we internationalize those algorithms

He again wants to make it clear saying that Google have Webspam engineers which includes people from Hyderabad, India, who not only work on but too.

He continues saying that “Google has people who are able to fight spam in forty different languages based around the world. At the same time, He agrees that probably English spam in the United States on a .com definitely gets a lot of attention because not every single engineer can speak French or German or a particular language, but it is the case that we put a lot of work into trying to make sure that we do internationalize those.”

As already said, Google always welcomes spam reports where users can report on anything they see in search results as sub-optimal or generally bad. Users can also drop a notice on Google Webmaster Forum where users will get a reply from Google or even leave a Tweet. The feedbacks Google gets from users will be noted and will be used in the future iteration of algorithmic developments.

Matt Cutts Video on "Does the webspam team fight spam in non-US markets such as India?"

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