Matt Cutts: Voice Search is getting better time to time

It’s the time to look at the new video of Matt Cutts, on voice search. 

Voice SearchAnother interesting questionary video was released by Matt Cutts yesterday on Google Webmaster Help, regarding the syntax changes with voice Search. It’s quite interesting and important to discuss on questions like this and know more on it, since because very recently the voice search (conversational search) has been implemented in Desktop Search. It’s easier and as it is user friendly, this search has become so popular all around the world among internet users of both desktop and mobile. In the new video the question was put forth to Matt Cutss as,

How has query syntax changed since voice search has become more popular?”

The answer for this question by Matt Cutts is that, It’s definitely the case that if you have something coming in via voice, people are more likely to use natural language. They’re less likely to use like search operators and keywords and that sort of thing. And that’s a general trend that we see. Google wants to do better at conversational search, and just giving your answers directly if you’re asking in some sort of a conversational mode.

Matt Cutts adds that at some point Google is willing to change its mental view point for the reason that people are using  “and” in between words on conversational searches. This repeated usage of words when used quite often inbetween queries, google tends to show lesser results for the query since because it matches very less documents.

Matt Cutts advices that, If incase you are searching something on a document then,

try to distill down what the important parts are, and search for that

Matt cutts again wants to make it clear that the query syntax has been changed and it will continue to change. 

Image Search


Google Image SearchThe image search has become more prominent that people can think out of border avoiding keywords. Users can search for related images by dragging and dropping a picture on Google Image Search. This helps people to search in any kind of ways they prefer. In the coming days, Image Searches also will be changed time to time and made better, understanding what the users’ intent for. 


Google almost tries every ways to make all searches user friendly and it is good that we are likely to get more updates in the near future for relevant search results in voice and image search.

Matt Cutts New Video on Voice Search


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