Matt Cuts idea on Adding the Original Source Link

Matt cutts video on Source LinkA new interesting video was released by Matt Cutts yesterday on Google Webmasters Help regarding linking the original source in an article. This video is interesting and quite important for those who write articles. The question was put to Matt Cutts by an Indian asking,

“I have a blog and I post original articles but I also like to link to the original website. So I link the website in a word in the first paragraph. Is this the right way or I should give a link separately at bottom?.”

we can put this question as simple as this,

“If I write about another article, where should I link to the original source?”

Where to Link the Source

Obviously this is a doubt for everyone who writes articles or posts something, whether to include the source link at the top or at the bottom of the post. But Matt Cutts clearly says that, no matter if it’s the top of the post or at the bottom. Since the link flow PageRank, it doesn’t make any difference. This is because of the reason that google processes everything on a website through the algorithms generated already and not manually. So as far as SEO is concerned this issue really doesn’t matter at all. But there are certain annoying practices that writer’s has to avoid.

Annoying Linking Practices

Though the answer was made clear, Matt Cutts wants everyone to follow practices that really makes sense and help the readers.

  • If you have a post or a website, never include links at the bottom end of the page that, when the readers reads the pages till the last line and  they finds a link at the last link and if even that link doesn’t provide any valuable information, then the reader gets annoyed.
  • Avoid including links that provide less information
  • Writing or posting about something originally from other website and not including the source link to the post, then it’s absolutely a wrong practice.

Best Linking Practices

  • Always include links from sites that relates with the article that you post
  •  Think from the readers point of view and include useful links that makes the article more interesting and so it helps readers get more information they needed.
  • If you are writing an article about something that you have found from another source or another website, then it is always good to add up the source link.
  • No matter you are a Journalist or a Blogger, instead of just saying readers that, we provide you this information from a popular post or forum, include links that let users read up the original source of information and make them know where the original information is from.

Matt Cutts again says that these practices are advisable and not the rules. Though it’s all personal preferences by the Journalist or Blogger, it’s always better is follow the above guidelines.

Matt Cutts Video on Linking the Original Source in an Article


Hope that we provided you more information about the video and cleared all you doubts regarding articles and linking theoriginal sources in the article that you write on.


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