Now high-quality pages can rank without links

Until lately, Google’s approach to determining the quality of a page was mystifying. The search engine giant always reiterated on building quality links affects the ranking of any page. Matt Cutts broke the ice with the latest video in which he explained pages with quality can rank without links. What this could mean to digital marketers? Interested? Read further.

Matt Cutts answering to a question recently startlingly revealed pages can still rank without links if they are quality enough and not keyword stuffed content. But, he affirmed it depends heavily on few other parameters as well.

He added, “….different ways you can try to assess the quality of content, a user is typing possibly some really rare phrase, if there are no other pages on the web that have that particular phrase, even if there’s not that any links, then that page can be returned because we think it might be relevant. It might be topical to what the user is looking for. We sort of assess based on the quality of the content that’s actually on the page.



By now, any page can rank without links, provided there’s no competition for that specific search query and the content is sprinkled with LSI terms related to topic rather keyword stuffed, so that search engine bots can determine whether to show the specific page based on users query.

Also, from the video it’s evident that backlinks are still an important ranking factor and content alone is not enough to rank. What do you think about this? Let me know your thoughts in comments.


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