I do not know why but my news post on Google+ redesign, according to Google, "has been published by SEOmoz to avoid getting penalized.." STRANGE!

Have a look at the screenshot of the Google search result of the news I posted today. What is Google upto? How am I connected to SEOmoz and what penalty are they trying to avoid?


It is strange that they would mention something so vague on the snippet of my News which has got absolutely nothing to do with SEOmoz. 

While our office experienced the earthquake yesterday, the aftershocks has transferred to News posted by me now (tectonic shift of snippets i.e.)

SEOmoz - do you know anything about it? or do you Google? 


After I post this news, I get a sequel to the "SEOmoz Ghost Snippet" again. I think I must get used to this.

strange part 2.jpg

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