A poor strategy from Microsoft to overtake Google

Google still continues to be in the upper stackof search market. Google has dominated the field upto the extent that mostpeople refer searching in the Internet as “Googling”. However, Microsoftdoesn’t seem to give it up. According to Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft,“the company is willing to lose 5% to 10% of total operating income for severalyears to fund its ongoing attempt to make inroads into the search market”. WithMicrosoft trying to take over Google in the search market, Google in turn wants to replace Microsoft's desktop-based applications, such as Office, withits cloud-based applications, such as Google Docs.

Where does Windows 7 come in?
Now you may wonder what is the actual role of Windows 7 in dominating the search engine giant ‘Google’. Microsoft is stripping Windows 7 of some of Windows' best built-in applications, and it's making them available only as downloads on its Windows Live site. Microsoft’s official news states that Windows 7 won't include Windows Mail, Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Movie Maker. These where some of Vista 's most useful applications.

A very poor Strategy
These softwares are not bundled with Windows 7, but you can download then for free from ‘Microsoft Windows live’ site. According to Microsoft, the stripping out of these applications makes windows 7 a clean operating system. But according to me it's a "wise act" to force people to visit "Windows Live". However, if Microsoft doesn't build better search and better services than Google, people will stay with Google.

The key to battling Google is building better software and services. Stripping useful applications out of Windows isn't the way to win the war

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