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RealEstateForSaleSign.gifMarketing Sherpa has released a special report on the tactics used by the online real estate marketers:

With the downfall of economy, many marketers’ are in a tough position now. According to marketing Sherpa, it’s ‘the survival of the fittest’. The real estate is one of the worst hit sectors because of the weak economy. Marketing Sherpa has released the fist installment of the 2-part special report on real estate marketing strategies. Part-1 centers on lead buying and lead nurturing.

Little Statistics
According to the National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 84% of the home buyers searched homes using the Internet in the year 2007. Moreover, 73% of them physically visit the home for sale that they found out by searching in the Internet. Hence it’s obvious that the usage of the Internet is the best opportunity to promote the real estate business. This fact has made more than 89% of the real estate marketers to own a website (according to NAR member profile of 2007). National Association of Home Builders say that “Real estate marketers still face their fair share of obstacles – stringent lending practices, the credit market crisis, and record numbers of foreclosed homes”.

The Report
Coming back to the marketing Sherpa’s report, publicizing the listings, buying leads and Email lead nurturing is the main focus of the report's first part.

As everyone knows, there are many real estate property listing sites where anyone can list there property for free. Listing the property in as many websites as possible enables the listing to be viewed by many of the property buyers. Eventually the property listing will be found by a prospective buyer easily.

Here are a few tips provided by Marketing Sherpa to publicize the real estate listings:

It’s better to hire someone or outsource a firm to post each real estate listing in multiple, popular real estate websites. As there are a bunch of real estate search websites and online classifieds to list to, outsourcing the job will the best act to do. According to Ralph Roberts, the owner of Ralph Roberts Realty-Washington, “Hire a virtual assistant or use a tool, such as vFlyer to post listings on multiple sites. Virtual assistants can be hired by the hour or on an annual basis. The benefit of using virtual assistants is the fact that they are often up-to-date on new tools and websites because vendors use them for testing”.

Posting real estate listings in new websites is always good. According to Ines Hegedus-Garcia a realtor in Miami, “When someone calls to say they’ve seen a listing, we always ask where they’ve seen it,” she says. But people usually say they saw it on the Internet, and then they can’t remember the name of the site because they’ve visited so many by that point. It’s a good idea to keep looking for new sites and mix it up every now and then.

Speaking about buying leads, these are the key points to be noted:

  • Be patient to see the results. As said in marketing Sherpa, it took about three months for Cates to make the system work. “I’ve had a lot of success, and I know a lot of Realtors hate lead [sellers]… but that’s where I’m getting a lot of my business,” she says.
  • If there you have valid email address of people, it’s better to go with it.
  • Active involvement is always necessary. Sending introductory business letters, calls to say hi to the clients are some of them.
  • Research before buying leads.

The last point of the 1st part of the report speaks about the e-mail lead nurturing. Lead nurturing is more important than lead generating in tough economic situations. Capturing the contact details of the visitor is the 1st step in lead nurturing. According to Marketing Sherpa, “Capturing a name and email address when Web visitors want to view more details on a listing or see a virtual tour is one way to get contact info. Have a screen pop up that says: “Registration required. Please enter your name and email address.””

The second part of the online real estate marketing strategy is expected to be release soon. 


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