Page Speed Optimization was always considered a wholesome component to attain higher visitors, audience engagement, client retention and conversions

Speed of your websiteDo you remember back in 2010 Google introduced Page speed of a website as one new signal among their hundreds of other search engine ranking factors? Yes, without a doubt that was a staunch move from Google’s side. Though web masters & website owners struggled to cope-up with Google’s then introductory offer, later they all managed to set their foot, potent. The evidence Google showcased a couple of days back proves the same. See the pictorial representation of their recent findings in the chart below:

page loading speed chart-2013











Google reported that Desktop webpage load times have decreased to a small extent while Mobile page load time has decreased considerably by 30 percent. This is why people love to surf the internet through mobile & the reason why website owners are behind mobile optimization of their business sites.

Google also compared the data on a demographic basis for mobile & desktops. Here is a comparison chart from my side on the page load time rate for mobile country-wise:

country comparison-page speed-2013













United States show the best page loading rate for mobile compared to other countries. Whereas, Japan shows comparatively lesser loading time for desktops compared to other countries. Page Loading Time still needs to get a major tweak in India, though they have improved significantly since 2012.

Final words of Google regarding this announcement – “Speed improvements are greater for mobile in most of the world.”

page speed optimization service provider

Here is an article by me which highlights the importance of Page Speed & why it is integral among other On-page procedures.

Through the past ten years since Google introduced Page Speed as one ranking factor, the experience of a person who surfs the internet has been definitely “Great”. It’s also the luck where you reside over which adds to your surfing experience, since loading speeds essentially varies with geographical regions, the device and the browser you use. Though we all think that Google Chrome is the best browser with less loading time, have you experienced it scrapping of the loading time of other applications or browsers? I have experienced.

Share your thoughts on how better or best is 'Page Loading Speed' compared to the past & if optimizing your website for Page Speed is the need of the hour.

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