Google Has Rolled Out Its Latest Algorithm Update – Panda Update Version 21

Panda Update 21

Google tweeted about the newest update to their Panda algorithm, linking to one of their older blog posts titled – ‘Finding more high-quality sites in search’. By means of their announcement, Google asks its users to refresh their ideas on Google’s guidelines and spot their intent. About 1.1% of English queries are affected in the United States only, while 0.4% of the queries are affected worldwide.

One important to have in mind is that most of the web masters and site owners have not yet recovered from the impact set by Panda 20 (a massive one among the other 4 updates) that rolled out last September. It had a very bad demise percentage of 2.4% of English search queries.

It’s been speculated by Danny Sullivan that the update came into effect on 5th of this month, but as usual Google had forgotten to inform the world about this. It was only on 6th, a fellow Googler had micro blogged about this Panda #21 release via Twitter, and the news got public. Google proved its transparency one more time!

Panda Update 21 announcement








Sometimes Google behaves as though they are into an “evil sort of business”.

Affected People Respond

  • “Noticed a 10% drop of in traffic but difficult to attribute it to this or simply due to seasonal trends. I suspect if it was algorithm based, the fallout would have been worse than 10%.”
  • “Noticed around 20% increase in traffic mostly from US.”
  • “I noticed that my site traffic has actually increased, not from the update but rather from my white hat SEO practices :)”
  • “I just checked my clients and it seems almost all of them had normal or more traffic; I sure hope it is "white hat" practices too :)”
  • “I realize that several keywords of my site were dropped after this update. A lot of work need to recover :(“

  • “Yup, I saw an increase in traffic. But I saw more of an increase on Friday morning. I suspect it to be a recovery from the Top Heavy update or maybe the disavow tool is starting to work from my giant Penguin drop.”

To add hope to all those affected by this update, here is a story shared by a Google Panda “Victim” in WebProNews, who has got a record profitable recovery.

Do you see a fall in traffic since Monday, possibly affected by Panda 21?

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