For those who have not heard of pigeon update, it is an algorithmic update by Google focused on local searches.

It’s been 14 days since Pigeon update was rolled out. So what do we learn from it and how to optimize for pigeon update?

For those who have not heard of pigeon update, it is an algorithmic update by Google focused on local searches. It was rolled out on July 24, 2014 with emphasis on Yelp, Yell & other local sites. A number of local search queries were updated to web search providing results from traditional web search algorithm.  Approximately 12% of search was impacted by this update. 

How Google Pigeon sways over your local search?

A coin has two sides, so does Google Pigeon. With the prelude of Google Pigeon, almost every domineering online directory like Yelp, Urbanspoon, TripAdvisor, etc., has had an ultimate tweak in its reputation and ranking by refining the local search rankings based on distance & location, in par with web search rankings.

Moreover, the adverse effect of this algorithm is baneful as it is directly impacting other retailers and local businesses that are still relying on traditional strategy like SEO for better listings. Despite the preview version of this algorithm, it has ultimately brought down their listings on the Search Engine Results Pages [SERP] with no room to visibility.

How to confront the Google Pigeon?

No camouflage can help you cover up from the raging birdie, the Google Pigeon. Only the straightway can lead you right away to top listings on the SERP. For individual businesses to exhibit their visibility they can list their businesses on online directories that has the best appeal to convert customers, rather, it’s a hard time to conquer the now premiering listings. If you are not on online directories already, then now is the time.  


Patching up your online business with the new update is the only path to maximize the visibility to the entire web. With importance to online directories and with best reviews, one can understand the flow of traffic without any barricades. Hence giving an even closer eye on directories is the brilliant way to achieve best visibility.

One of the common misconceptions is that Google+ is a network for social engagement. But it is not just limited to a unique confinement, but also serves as a key element in local web traffic. Maintaining a complete high quality profile on Google+ helps boost your online business to unmatched extremes.    

P.S.: Organic search listings still serve as an element of prominence in local business listings. Google Pigeon might have superimposed a niche in local listings with just its trailer episode. But little do we know of what has to come. Stay updated and lay roadmaps to triumph over what’s beyond.  

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