Pinterest seems to have pinned the right spot at social networking interests of many American users of the site. The trend gets viral with ongoing positive statistics for this 'P'interesting Social Networking site.

No.3 Social Networking Site Pinterest.jpgA marketing trend report from the Experian Hitwise - 'The 2012 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report' clearly states that Pinterest has occupied the third position among social networking sites riding smoothly over its predecessor LinkedIn. With a report that came not so long ago, back in March 2012, Pinterest was seemingly promising yet only 16th most visited site, the current report seems to create history in the social network popularity increase rates. 

Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann, Iowa based resident in the US started this siteben_silbermann.jpg with a humble cause of helping people visually discover their interest and be able to share graphics that intrigued them on similar platform as their peers and friend circles. Here's how Pinterest emerged from nowhere. No doubt Flickr-like sites also helped us share photographs but it failed to offer the 'social networking touch'. Pinterest can be integrated to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, need we say more. 

What Really Caused this incredible rise in trend?

Pinterest invokes a very basic instinct in humans of being visually captured with attractive and interesting pictures much faster than any thing else that they see. Just the way video plays an important role in  passing through information in an effective manner, pictures and infographics does a lot to attract people's attention than text. In fact, pictures are much faster way of communicating your message rather than videos that may be slow loading. People are always in a hurry while browsing the internet, you get one picture that 'says it all' and you have their immediate attention. Not to mention the simplistic and down to earth layout of the site that does not make you feel alienated at this new online social domain. 

For instance, take sites like Google+, although being  the celebrity-child of online brand-giant Google, it still is taking its own pace to capture the common-man interest due to its various Google product integrations, features and applications. Google+ is no doubt a promising social network site even for promotions, but user-friendly and extremely simple sites like Pinterest were prone to instant fame, nevertheless.You do not feel like you are in a new or in any way different social networking space at all. You have the regular 'Like' button like in Facebook, 'repin' that is synonymous to 'retweet' and a 'comment' area that you are already acquainted with. Yet another reason for its instant rise in popularity. 

What's in it for users?

Share! Share! and more Share! 

You share websites or pages you like that have images and infographics that catch your eye and post it to show it your pals. You can upload and share photographs you yourself took just like you did in sites like Facebook and Twitter. The difference here would be unlike real time photosharing in Twitter, you can have easy access to all the pics you post, something that is inline with Facebook Timeline. It is your own little scrapbook of photos where you can share your visual stories and listen to what others think. One could also expect Google+ to be connected to Pinterest for even more easy sharing in the future.

What's in it for businesses?

Online marketers be alarmed, this is not just 'yet another online medium to pounce on for self promotion'. In fact, this is the very reason that Pinterest jumped in from being dofollow to nofollow

You have had your experience with Facebook promotions and Twitter marketing, you have learnt your lesson from it, which ultimately is - "SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE". Social networking is not just about  You but it is about the society that surrounds you. How you would manage to capture the interest of your peers is very crucial in deciding the success of brand management on Pinterest. For now, all I can say is that, this is the early days for the newest and fastest growing social networking site - Pinterest, stay ahead of competition and acquire a prominent niche on this promising new social media arena. By the way, this trend report by Experian Hitwise is only about the US population but the news has already become viral, so you could expect some local marketing opportunities on Pinterest in days to come.

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