I have decided to dedicate this news to Screenshots of weird Google Search Results alone, after the infamous Penguin Update.

Weird Google Search Result Post Penguin Update.jpegWith the Titanic.. oops I mean ORGanic search rankings hitting the 'iceberg' planted by the Penguin, many sites have sunk with no lifeboats at all. I am clearly not against the search engine (Google) for releasing this update and punishing all those who indulged in black hat SEO's. However there is no denying that the user search experience hasn't improved or probably gone worse in some instances.

So what do we have here? 

Search results that make no sense at all; search results that are not going to get the user anywhere close to their search query; search results that date way ahead of the present time (Overrated freshness update?). Look at couple of screenshots in my previous post.

Weird and sometimes really funny stuff happening at Google Search lately.

This news has been written and posted on May 3rd 2012 6:00pm IST. The screenshot you see below was taken few minutes ago. Yet I see a search result with a date in the future - May 7th 2012. How is that Possible? Google search results are no less than UFO's these days. Check this out. 

Our first weird result:

weird Google search results.png

Here's the next:

This was PAGE 1 result... well just for your information, I am giving weird Page #1 results ONLY :)

Weird Google Search Result Post Penguin Update 2.jpeg

Notice what is the first search result - Scholarly articles for the "keyword". The articles have nothing about the actual penguin update on them. We can, however, pardon this as I have not included the word "update" next to "penguin" in my search term. But look at what is seen below the 1st result. A site that offers paid links and spun content. Here is a short preview of what I found within that site. 

weird search result page.jpg

Apparently, sites that bought and sold links were hit by the Penguin update, however, sites that still offer to buy or sell links top the SERP charts on Google search. 

Here's our next weird results on Google.com:

weird Google search results part 3.png

Below is the #1 website on search result for - Wedding Planner Addresses. Google follows the mantra, "Promote thy own website on organic search results however irrelevant they may be" 

1st wedding planning search result page.png

I haven't posted screenshot of the #2 website on search result, however, you must know that there is heavy keyword stuffing done on the landing page of the website. Check it out here. Here's the #3 website that returned for the same search term

3rd wedding planning search result page.png

This website that is non-functional apparently, makes the no. 3 spot on search results for - Wedding Planner Addresses

Here's a website that ranks high in Google search results for the term - Payday Loans. A competitive keyword such as this gives search results of domains that are 3 day old, with absolutely no content, and improper internal links pointing to the a same page. 

payday loans page one result.png

                                                                                                                                Update: 26th June 2012 - Weird Google Search Result Part 4

weird Google search results part 4.png  

Although, SearhEngineLand's Danny Sullivan posts a lengthy article on how Google doesn't owe you anything, he also does acknowledge the fact that search engine results have gone weird in one of his previous posts. On asking him about what he thinks about the search results he said:

Danny Sullivan Comments on Weird Google Search Results.png                 

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