It is very important that you protect your site against any vulnerability, activities which may lead to a penalty.

It is very important that you protect your site against any vulnerability, activities which may lead to a penalty. Creating a trust with Google is hard to achieve but losing it can happen within a moment if google detects something wrong or fishy. You should be very careful on your promotional strategies, content etc. Let us see how a future penalty can be avoided.

Preventing Future Penalties1.      Monitor Back Links: Whether you like it or not your site may be linked back from forums, blogs, social media and other sources. Rarest of rare cases a disgruntled staff or competitor may buy bad links to your site. You have to monitor closely on what type of back links you get and if they are relevant.  This can be achieved by downloading the links from webmaster tools and analyzing the “first found” date. I recommend doing this at least once in a week.

2.      Choosing The Right Service Provider: Most of the damage is done by amateur service providers, freelancers you find at places like digitalpoint forum, warrior forum etc. I had done a case study with the service providers of a couple of forums where I hired a number of service providers for a new site to build links. It was a disaster and had to close the site eventually.

3.      Be Aware of the Strategies: Let it be your inhouse team or your service provider, get a detailed plan on what they intend to do. That will give you a clear idea on what type of links and how they are built for your site. You have every right to ask your service provider or your staff on the strategy and do not shy away. If the plan includes any of the below, then reject it outright.

  •    Low quality Article, Directory, Bookmarking, Social Media sites
  •    Links from SPAMMY Blog Comments
  •    Forum Signatures
  •    Links from Banned Network IP’s
  •    Paid Links
  •    Links from FFA, SPAM & Link farms
  •    Links from Malicious Sites
  •    Links from Irrelevant Sites
  •    Links from Foreign Language Sites
  •    Links from Content Scrapper Sites

4.      Links from your Site: You may be tempted to link to your partner sites, but never do that unless the site is related. If you are to link, use the “rel=nofollow” tag.

5.      Content Management: Check for plagiarism when you hire a content creation service provider. You can use to check for duplicate content. Google hates duplicate content, lean content, content scrapping etc. Make sure the content is

  • Unique
  • Fresh & informative
  • With the right amount of keywords

In some cases your site may generate user created content in the form of reviews, comments etc. You need to check it out from time to time and remove SPAM

6.      Protecting the site from vulnerabilities: Host your site at the right web server with not too many sites hosted on the same server. Choose the right hosting provider which assures a 99.99% uptime with tight security. Malware attacks, downtime will ruin the site performance and lead to a penalty. So choose your hosting wisely.



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