Does Personalization Score Over Privacy on Google Searches?


Google is adding up advanced features to its search engine ever day to make Googling easy for users.  Have you ever wondered what it means when someone refers to personalized searches? Personalization is everything on the web world and obviously no one will dislike seeing what they would be most interested to see avoiding the unwanted. Not only has it helped one to get the information they specifically want but it also lists out all the ads and products they would be interested in.

Personalized searches for audience signed into the Google account were made available to public since April 2005, and during December 2009 it was revamped and this personalized searches appeared for person even for Google accounts which aren’t logged in. Every now and then it underwent changes, the whys and the wherefores is nothing but to offer a user friendly search engine.

Of course, all of this technology is incredibly vague and it is completely difficult to explain the basic technology and the concept behind personalized searches on web. Not to mention, GOOG has filed a patent application for its personalized searches and again, Facebook the social networking bellwether is trying to ride personalization to a $100 billion. Pariser in his book ‘The Filter Bubble’ has clearly explained the downside of personalized searches including privacy problem and the effect of filter bubbles.

One of the technological evangelists for Google comments, “We have made personalized searches for Google in more than 40 languages for users across the globe. We help you find most relevant results possible even if you are not signed into your personal account. For example, if you regularly look for your recipes and frequently click on results from then the Google algorithm will rank this website higher on search engine results while you search for recipes next time. Other times, when you look for news about sports or something else relevant results to your search will be listed.Previously this was available only for signed in users, but now anyone who has enabled their web history can access them without difficulty. These relevant search results will be available based upon 180 days of search activity.”

Promise of personalization is becoming stronger and stronger every day and needless to say everyone has their own interests and inclination. Personalized search engine results make it easier for someone to think about something or someone. It would not only help to satisfy one’s interest but also answer question on anything. For instance, search engines know very well where you live, and if you are searching for a restaurant in your locality it can easily suggest you the local places of best choice.When it comes to personalization, privacy can fall as a victim to it. Companies could easily collect information and know about the consumers. It is been apparent from the blow back received from the users of Google, Facebook, Apple, etc.

Personalization also becomes a type of insulation, popular web based services including Google, Yahoo or Facebook algorithmically chooses what you view on a regular base. It is clearly visible to them what you want to see and what you won’t to see which means there are high chances of your personal thoughts or views getting exposed.

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