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See the google listing that is the key factor for significant SERP changes apart from the Google update. Find out the reasons why your site losing traffic.

Google’s John Mueller answered a question asked by a person of how to get a site that lost rankings back on track on Google webmaster hangout. Mueller answered that it’s not possible to give specific advice without reviewing the actual site. Instead, Muller suggested some reasons for a site can lose traffic. Here is Mueller’s response.

“In general I think there are a few things to keep in mind. On the one hand there are lots of sites in the search results so it’s never the case that everyone is demoted and like no longer visible in search because there are always sites that come up as well. It’s not that we don’t show anything in search.

So these kinds of changes are generally pretty normal and they can come and go and that can be due to changes in our algorithms, they can be due to changes in the way that people search.

So if a topic suddenly is no longer as interesting then maybe you’ll start to have less traffic for those kinds of queries just because it’s something that people don’t search for anymore.”

Google offers reasons for significant SERP changes

Is any update on January 14, 2020 for SERP changes?

Muller denied that there is no special update that causes significant SERP changes in the on January 14. This is the response for a person who got a significant traffic change for his website on the same day.

“There seems to be a very significant change that took place on January 14th. My traffic and revenue have been negatively affected despite no penalty or notification of any problems.

While I’m used to ebb and flow of traffic and revenue… are you able to give any advice on specific things to focus on to get back on track?”

Key facts for Significant SERP Changes

Muller listed multiple reasons for the significant SERP changes that happen without any Google update. So if your site loses traffic check the reasons listed below.

It’s about Competitor Change

The search results won’t be the same when the competition increases. New competitors or more online competitors may become the reason why your site lost traffic.  Google may identify your competitor site with more quality or change the way how they identify the quality sites.

“It can also be due to changes in quality on the website or the perceived quality of a website based on our algorithms.

But all of these things are really kind of hard to guess at without knowing your website.”

It’s not you, It’s searches

Another major reason is that your site may lose traffic due to user’s change of search habits. Keep an eye on your consumer use of keyword matters here. Since popularity and trend can change the users interests. This can cause negative change in search traffic. Here is last 12 months Google trend graph which shows popularity of soy milk versus oat milk. The use of keyword should base on the current need of the users.

Google trend graph

It’s Site Change

Missing to make Google understand your site may be the reason why you found a drop in traffic. For example, consider having a business card site. If you start to publish more marketing-related content, and then Google begins to see the site as being less authoritative about business cards.

It’s Google Change

As a search engine giant, Google constantly changes the way how to interpret search queries and web content. So keep updating your site based on the latest algorithms. However, on occasion, the search engine rolls out major algorithmic updates that significantly impact the SERPs such as BERT, Rank Brain, etc.

Discover the types of content present on the site, focused keyword, and how much each trend changes the SERP, how Google interprets searches closely, since these impacts your organic search visibility significantly.

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