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Over the past decade, small businesses have been investing highly on online marketing and website lead generation. Business owners have started realizing that modern consumers are relying heavily on search engines. Online marketing in this regard presents a low cost, low risk and better returns as compared to other forms of marketing campaigns. According to a report generated by Wordstream, more than 64% of search engine users with a high commercial intent click on sponsored links. Only 35% click on unpaid or organic links. Customers looking to make a purchase are more focused on sponsored links than normal search results.

All marketing efforts are guided by a singular aim of increasing sales and this requires a higher traffic generation and lead conversion. This is also the same reason why small businesses and startups invest in marketing tools that generate maximum leads. Here are the top 5 reasons why PPC becomes an important tool for web marketers.



  1. Website Traffic and Conversion Rate

The success of an online business is dependent on the number of customers it has been able to attract. Website conversion, as all of us would already know measures the rate at which visitors to a website turn into customers, subscribers or any other intent that the business has. Website traffic and conversion go hand in hand. Businesses need traffic to get a satisfactory conversion rate and similarly without a decent conversion rate, traffic is of no use. Consequently, more than 85% of the leading global online businesses invest more on conversion rate optimization (CRO) and landing page optimization.

  1. Qualified Traffic Against the Random Searchers

Incapsula states that 56% of web traffic for all online businesses comes from search engine bots. If you take small businesses into account, bots account for more than 80% of the traffic. While there are several ways to build traffic, companies not investing in PPC are likely to experience to see a sharp drop in conversion rates.

  1. More Traffic Means More Conversion

Technology has produced several tools for monitoring business traffic but many people often fail to realize the advantages. Approximately 35% of online businesses collect analytical data related to the performance of their website but they have little idea about how to use the data to increase their profits. It is important that the generated traffic is also converted into business goals. If not, the returns will simply remain non-existent.

  1. Traffic Generation Sources

Website traffic is generated from several sources:

  • Paid searches from web remarketing, AdWords and Facebook are some of the most relevant sources of paid advertising today. The strong emphasis on cost per click is also well supported by effective conversion rates. Also, paid traffic is a great way to generate accurate leads. Hanapin Marketing reports say that 63% of the leading global brands spend over $300,000 in paid search budgets. However, small businesses need to estimate the ROI before investing in paid advertisements.
  • Social Media is the next best thing in today’s business marketing. Unlike traffic generation tools, social media platforms also help build a strong relationship with customers. The “human touch” to this marketing tool is of high significance in today’s markets.
  • SEO and Organic Search results enable the website/web address/brand to become visible in SERPs. SEO campaigns on the other hand require a great amount of patience to be able to get the desired results. This is a completely organic procedure and the success depends on the quality of your ad campaigns and content.
  • Referral marketing through blogs also has special significance for certain businesses. Businesses that maintain a blog generate 434% more indexed pages and this has resulted in the increase of leads significantly.
  1. Balancing and Calculating ROI



Conversion rate and changes in traffic volume have an irrefutable relationship. Businesses need to understand the way conversions and acquisitions work and how they have an impact on the ROI. This also lets you understand your PPC campaigns better.

PPC for small businesses is directly related to the amount of traffic it will be able to generate initially. It also helps the business come up with multichannel marketing campaigns that compliments the overall strategy. Consequently, 64% of global businesses are already investing heavily on search engine ads and this includes a good proportion of small businesses and startups too.


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