Eliminating the alert from Google

It will be certainly irritating to see the message “This site may harm your computer” tagged to your website that just started to receive some traffic through the Google searches. Unfortunately, many websites have been tagged with this alert by Google recently. While you may be checking with your websites coding to get rid of this message appearing in the Google search results, the real problem will remain hidden.   So how will you identify the exact problem? Inorder to identify the problem, you should know what the message “Reported Attack Site” really means.

The Real Meaning Of Reported Attack Site
You will have a misconception that someone has reported to Google that your site as harmful. It is not just someone who has reported it but it is the Google’s automated system which has found some malicious content or links in your website and flagged it. You will be pretty sure that you didn’t include any malicious content or links in your website. Then how did this happen? Are these Google automated systems always wrong? No they aren’t. Google has definitely found some malicious links in your website. If you didn’t do that certainly someone has.

Dealing With The Problem
Google has insisted on setting up the webmaster tools for all the websites out there. If you have ignored this earlier, you have to do that now because, the only way to identify and solve the “Reported Attack Site” problem is through the Google Webmaster tools. So as a first step, create an account with Google Webmaster tools.  Once the account is created, you can follow the steps mentioned in Google Webmaster help for getting rid of the “Reported Attack Site” alert. For having a quick look on the exact problem, you can use the url http://www.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=(www.yoursite.com). This will present you a clear picture of the problematic links and downloads in your website. Once you clean up everything, you can request a review through Google webmaster tools. Once Google confirms that you site is safe, the warning message “This site may harm your computer” will be removed from the search results.

The Firefox 3.X.X Time Lag
Surprisingly, this warning message did not appear in the older versions of Firefox. In the latest versions, a warning screen as shown below will appear. The main problem with this “Reported attack site” alert in Firefox 3.x.x  is that you cannot override this and get into the site unless you have landed in the warning page by typing the exact url. Hence you will be losing all the visits from Firefox 3.x users  through Google. Another problem associated with Firefox 3.x is the time-lag. The warning screen will appear for a few days even after Google has cleared the warning. This happens because of caching, however, it will also disappear after a few days.

Though we can get rid of the “Reported Attack Site” alert message in the Google search results, the new visitors to your website during this time period will be lost forever.  So make sure to check the links and files listed in your website often.

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